List of ASTM Standard 8101 to 8200

ASTM    E 2777-14 : Standard Guide for Vegetative (Green) Roof Systems
ASTM    F 2777-10 : Standard Test Method for Evaluating Knee Bearing (Tibial Insert) Endurance and Deformation Under High Flexion
ASTM    F 2778-09 : Standard Test Method for Measurement of Percent Crystallinity of Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Polymers by Means of Specular Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (R-FTIR)
ASTM    E 2779-10 : Standard Test Method for Determining Particulate Matter Emissions from Pellet Heaters
ASTM    D 2779-92(2012) : Standard Test Method for Estimation of Solubility of Gases in Petroleum Liquids
ASTM    F 2779-10 : Standard Practice for Commercial Radial Truck-Bus Tires to Establish Equivalent Test Severity Between a 1.707-m (67.23-in.) Diameter Roadwheel and a Flat Surface
ASTM    F 2780-09 : Standard Guide for Design and Construction of Expanded Metal Security Fences and Barriers
ASTM    E 2780-10 : Standard Test Method for Determining Particulate Matter Emissions from Wood Heaters
ASTM    E 2781-11 : Standard Practice for Evaluation of Methods for Determination of Kinetic Parameters by Thermal Analysis
ASTM    F 2781-10 : Standard Practice for Testing Forced Entry, Ballistic and Low Impact Resistance of Security Fence Systems
ASTM    D 2782-02(2008) : Standard Test Method for Measurement of Extreme-Pressure Properties of Lubricating Fluids (Timken Method)
ASTM    E 2782-11E1 : Standard Guide for Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
ASTM    F 2783-14 : Standard Practice for Design, Manufacture, Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection of Amusement Rides and Devices, in Canada
ASTM    D 2783-03(2009)E1 : Standard Test Method for Measurement of Extreme-Pressure Properties of Lubricating Fluids (Four-Ball Method)
ASTM    E 2783-11 : Standard Test Method for Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity for Water Miscible Compounds Using a Time-Kill Procedure
ASTM    E 2784-10 : Standard Test Method for Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Handwash Formulations Using the Paper Towel (Palmar) Method of Hand Contamination
ASTM    D 2784-11 : Standard Test Method for Sulfur in Liquefied Petroleum Gases (Oxy-Hydrogen Burner or Lamp)
ASTM    F 2785-12 : Standard Specification for Polyamide 12 Gas Pressure Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings
ASTM    E 2785-14 : Standard Test Method for Exposure of Firestop Materials to Severe Environmental Conditions
ASTM    E 2786-10 : Standard Test Methods for Measuring Expansion of Intumescent Materials Used in Firestop and Joint Systems
ASTM    F 2786-10 : Standard Practice for Field Leak Testing of Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Piping Systems Using Gaseous Media Under Pressure (Pneumatic Leak Testing)
ASTM    D 2786-91(2011) : Standard Test Method for  Hydrocarbon Types Analysis of Gas-Oil Saturates Fractions by High Ionizing Voltage Mass Spectrometry
ASTM    E 2787-11 : Standard Test Method for Determination of Thiodiglycol in Soil Using Pressurized Fluid Extraction Followed by Single Reaction Monitoring Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS)
ASTM    F 2787-13 : Standard Practice for Structural Design of Thermoplastic Corrugated Wall Stormwater Collection Chambers
ASTM    F 2788/F 2788M-13 : Standard Specification for Metric and Inch-sized Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Pipe
ASTM    E 2788-11 : Standard Specification for Use of Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate (ESCS) as a Mineral Component in the Growing Media and the Drainage Layer for Vegetative (Green) Roof Systems
ASTM    F 2789-10 : Standard Guide for Mechanical and Functional Characterization of Nucleus Devices
ASTM    E 2789-10 : Standard Guide for Fretting Fatigue Testing
ASTM    D 2789-95(2011) : Standard Test Method for Hydrocarbon Types in Low Olefinic Gasoline by Mass Spectrometry
ASTM    E 2790-11 : Standard Guide for Identifying and Complying With Continuing Obligations
ASTM    F 2790-10 : Standard Practice for Static and Dynamic Characterization of Motion Preserving Lumbar Total Facet Prostheses
ASTM    D 2791-13 : Standard Test Method for On-line Determination of Sodium in Water
ASTM    F 2791-09 : Standard Guide for Assessment of Surface Texture of Non-Porous Biomaterials in Two Dimensions
ASTM    F 2792-12a : Standard Terminology for Additive Manufacturing Technologies<sup>,</sup>
ASTM    E 2792-13 : Standard Test Method for Determination of Hydrogen in Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys by Inert Gas Fusion
ASTM    D 2792-69(2010) : Standard Test Method for Solvent and Fuel Resistance of Traffic Paint
ASTM    D 2793-99(2011) : Standard Test Method for Block Resistance of Organic Coatings on Wood Panel Substrates
ASTM    E 2793-10e1 : Standard Guide for the Evaluation, Calibration, and Correlation of E274 Friction Measurement Systems and Equipment
ASTM    D 2794-93(2010) : Standard Test Method for Resistance of Organic Coatings to the Effects of Rapid Deformation (Impact)
ASTM    F 2794-09(2014) : Standard Guide for Level 1 (Basic) Mounted Search and Rescue (MSAR) Responder
ASTM    F 2795-11 : Standard Test Method for Performance of Self-Contained Soft Serve and Shake Machines
ASTM    F 2796-09(2014) : Standard Specification for Hot Food Holding Tables
ASTM    F 2797-10 : Standard Test Method for Evaluating Edge Cleaning Effectiveness of Vacuum Cleaners
ASTM    D 2797/D 2797M-11a : Standard Practice for  Preparing Coal Samples for Microscopical Analysis by Reflected Light
ASTM    E 2797-11 : Standard Practice for Building Energy Performance Assessment for a Building Involved in a Real Estate Transaction
ASTM    F 2798-09 : Standard Specification for Sealless Lube Oil Pump with Oil Through Motor for Marine Applications
ASTM    D 2798-11a : Standard Test Method for Microscopical Determination of the Vitrinite Reflectance of Coal
ASTM    E 2798-11 : Standard Test Method for Characterization of Performance of Pesticide Spray Drift Reduction Adjuvants for Ground Application
ASTM    E 2799-12 : Standard Test Method for Testing Disinfectant Efficacy against <emph type=”bdit”>Pseudomonas aeruginosa</emph> Biofilm using the MBEC Assay
ASTM    D 2799-13 : Standard Test Method for Microscopical Determination of the Maceral Composition of Coal
ASTM    F 2799-14 : Standard Practice for Maintenance of Aircraft Electrical Wiring Systems
ASTM    F 2800-11 : Standard Specification for Recirculating Hood System for Cooking Appliances
ASTM    E 2800-11 : Standard Practice for Characterization of <span class=”italic”>Bacillus</span> Spore Suspensions for Reference Materials
ASTM    E 2801-11 : Standard Test Method for Evaluating Emergency Response Robot Capabilities: Mobility: Confined Area Obstacles: Gaps
ASTM    F 2801-11 : Standard Practice for Paintball Player Safety Briefing
ASTM    D 2802-03(2010) : Standard Specification for Ozone-Resistant Ethylene-Alkene Polymer Insulation for Wire and Cable
ASTM    F 2802-09 : Standard Specification for Condition 1 Bicycle Frames
ASTM    E 2802-11 : Standard Test Method for Evaluating Emergency Response Robot Capabilities: Mobility: Confined Area Obstacles: Hurdles
ASTM    E 2803-11 : Standard Test Method for Evaluating Emergency Response Robot Capabilities: Mobility: Confined Area Obstacles: Inclined Planes
ASTM    D 2803-09 : Standard Guide for Testing Filiform Corrosion Resistance of Organic Coatings on Metal
ASTM    F 2803-09 : Standard Test Method for Evaluating Rim Slip Performance of Tires and Wheels
ASTM    E 2804-11 : Standard Test Method for Evaluating Emergency Response Robot Capabilities: Mobility: Confined Area Obstacles: Stairs/Landings
ASTM    D 2804-02(2012) : Standard Test Method for Purity of Methyl Ethyl Ketone By Gas Chromatography
ASTM    F 2805-11 : Standard Specification for Multilayer Thermoplastic And Flexible Steel Pipe And Connections
ASTM    E 2805-11 : Standard Practice for Measurement of the Biological Activity of Ricin
ASTM    D 2805-11 : Standard Test Method for Hiding Power of Paints by Reflectometry
ASTM    F 2806-10e1 : Standard Specification for Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Plastic Pipe (Metric SDR-PR)
ASTM    D 2807-93(2009)e1 : Standard Test Method for Chromic Oxide in Leather (Perchloric Acid Oxidation)
ASTM    E 2807-11 : Standard Specification for 3D Imaging Data Exchange, Version 1.0
ASTM    F 2807-13 : Standard Specification for Multilayer Polyethylene-Polyamide (PE-PA) Pipe for Pressure Piping Applications
ASTM    E 2808-11 : Standard Guide for Microspectrophotometry and Color Measurement in Forensic Paint Analysis
ASTM    F 2808-10 : Standard Test Method for Performing Behind-the-Knee (BTK) Test for Evaluating Skin Irritation Response to Products and Materials That Come Into Repeated or Extended Contact with Skin
ASTM    F 2809-10 : Standard Terminology Relating to Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices
ASTM    E 2809-13 : Standard Guide for Using Scanning Electron Microscopy/X-Ray Spectrometry in Forensic Paint Examinations
ASTM    D 2809-09 : Standard Test Method for Cavitation Corrosion and Erosion-Corrosion Characteristics of Aluminum Pumps With Engine Coolants
ASTM    D 2810-13 : Standard Test Method for pH of Leather
ASTM    E 2810-11E2 : Standard Practice for Demonstrating Capability to Comply with the Test for Uniformity of Dosage Units
ASTM    F 2810-10 : Standard Specification for Elliptical Trainers
ASTM    F 2811-10 : Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Design and Performance Characteristics of Elliptical Trainers
ASTM    E 2811-11 : Standard Practice for Management of Low Risk Property (LRP)
ASTM    D 2812-07(2012) : Standard Test Method for Non-Lint Content of Cotton
ASTM    F 2812-12 : Standard Specification for Goggle- and Spectacle-Type Eye Protectors for Selected Motor Sports
ASTM    E 2812-11 : Standard Practice for Uniform Data Management in Asset Management Records Systems
ASTM    F 2813-12 : Standard Specification for Glass Used as a Horizontal Surface in Desks and Tables
ASTM    D 2813-03(2013) : Standard Practice for Sampling Leather for Physical and Chemical Tests
ASTM    E 2813-12 : Standard Practice for Building Enclosure Commissioning
ASTM    E 2814-11 : Standard Guide for Industrial Woven Wire Filter Cloth
ASTM    F 2814-09 : Standard Guide for Design and Construction of Ornamental Steel Picket Fence Systems for Security Purposes
ASTM    F 2815-10 : Standard Practice for Chemical Permeation through Protective Clothing Materials: Testing Data Analysis by Use of a Computer Program
ASTM    E 2816-13A : Standard Test Methods for Fire Resistive Metallic HVAC Duct Systems
ASTM    D 2816-05(2009) : Standard Test Method for Cashmere Coarse-Hair Content in Cashmere
ASTM    E 2817-11 : Standard Test Method for Test Fueling Masonry Heaters
ASTM    D 2817-05(2009) : Standard Specification for Maximum Cashmere Coarse-Hair Content in Cashmere
ASTM    F 2817-13 : Standard Specification for Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Gas Pressure Pipe and Fittings For Maintenance or Repair
ASTM    E 2818-11 : Standard Practice for Determination of Quasistatic Fracture Toughness of Welds
ASTM    F 2818-10 : Standard Specification for Specification for Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Material Gas Pressure Pipe and Tubing
ASTM    E 2819-11 : Standard Practice for Single- and Multi-Level Continuous Sampling of a Stream of Product by Attributes Indexed by AQL
ASTM    F 2819-10 : Standard Test Methods for Measurement of Straightness of Bar, Rod, Tubing and Wire to be used for Medical Devices
ASTM    F 2820-12 : Standard Specification for Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) Polymers for Surgical Implant Applications
ASTM    E 2820-13 : Standard Test Method for Evaluating Thermal EMF Properties of Base-Metal Thermocouple Connectors


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