List of ASTM Standard 7301 to 7400

ASTM    F 2407-06(2013)E1 : Standard Specification for Surgical Gowns Intended for Use in Healthcare Facilities
ASTM    E 2408-04(2009) : Standard Test Method for Relative Extensional Viscosity of Agricultural Spray Tank Mixes
ASTM    F 2408-11 : Standard Specification for Ornamental Fences Employing Galvanized Steel Tubular Pickets
ASTM    F 2409-10 : Standard Guide for Fences for Non-Residential Outdoor Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas
ASTM    E 2409-13 : Standard Test Method for Glycol Impurities in Mono-, Di-, Tri- and Tetraethylene Glycol and in Mono- and Dipropylene Glycol (Gas Chromatographic Method)
ASTM    F 2411-07 : Standard Specification for Design and Performance of an Airborne Sense-and-Avoid System
ASTM    E 2411-07 : Standard Specification for Chemical Warfare Vapor Detector (CWVD)
ASTM    E 2412-10 : Standard Practice for Condition Monitoring of Used Lubricants by Trend Analysis Using Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectrometry
ASTM    F 2412-11 : Standard Test Methods for Foot Protection
ASTM    D 2412-11 : Standard Test Method for  Determination of External Loading Characteristics of Plastic Pipe by Parallel-Plate Loading
ASTM    F 2413-11 : Standard Specification for Performance Requirements for Protective (Safety) Toe Cap Footwear
ASTM    E 2413-04(2009) : Standard Guide for Hospital Preparedness and Response
ASTM    D 2413-99(2009) : Standard Practice for Preparation of Insulating Paper and Board Impregnated with a Liquid Dielectric
ASTM    D 2414-13A : Standard Test Method for Carbon Black – Oil Absorption Number (OAN)
ASTM    F 2414-04(2009) : Standard Practice for Sealing Sewer Manholes Using Chemical Grouting
ASTM    E 2415-05(2012) : Standard Practice for Installing Piezoelectric Highway Traffic Sensors
ASTM    D 2415-98(2012) : Standard Test Method for Ash in Coal Tar and Pitch
ASTM    F 2415-09 : Standard Practice for Continued Airworthiness System for Light Sport Gyroplane Aircraft
ASTM    D 2416-84(2009) : Standard Test Method for Coking Value of Tar and Pitch (Modified Conradson)
ASTM    F 2416-06(2011) : Standard Specification for Protective Headgear Used in Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices
ASTM    F 2417-11 : Standard Specification for Fire Safety for Candles
ASTM    E 2418-06 : Standard Guide for Readily Observable Mold and Conditions Conducive to Mold in Commercial Buildings: Baseline Survey Process
ASTM    F 2418-13 : Standard Specification for Polypropylene (PP) Corrugated Wall Stormwater Collection Chambers
ASTM    F 2419-11 : Standard Practice for Installation of Thick Poured Gypsum Concrete Underlayments and Preparation of the Surface to Receive Resilient Flooring
ASTM    D 2419-09 : Standard Test Method for Sand Equivalent Value of Soils and Fine Aggregate
ASTM    F 2420-05(2011) : Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity on the Surface of Concrete Floor Slabs Using Relative Humidity Probe Measurement and Insulated Hood
ASTM    D 2420-13 : Standard Test Method for Hydrogen Sulfide in Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gases (Lead Acetate Method)
ASTM    E 2420-10 : Standard Guide for Post-Deactivation Surveillance and Maintenance of Radiologically Contaminated Facilities
ASTM    E 2421-10 : Standard Guide for Preparing Waste Management Plans for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities
ASTM    F 2421-05(2011) : Standard Test Method for Measurement of Resilient Floor Plank by Dial Gage
ASTM    D 2421-13 : Standard Practice for Interconversion of Analysis of C5 and Lighter Hydrocarbons to Gas-Volume, Liquid-Volume, or Mass Basis
ASTM    E 2422-11 : Standard Digital Reference Images for Inspection of Aluminum Castings
ASTM    D 2422-97(2013) : Standard Classification of Industrial Fluid Lubricants by Viscosity System
ASTM    D 2423-90(2012)E1 : Standard Test Method for Surface Wax on Waxed Paper or Paperboard
ASTM    F 2423-11 : Standard Guide for Functional, Kinematic, and Wear Assessment of Total Disc Prostheses
ASTM    F 2425-05a(2009) : Standard Specification for Continued Airworthiness System for Weight-Shift-Control Aircraft
ASTM    E 2425-11 : Standard Test Method for Loss Modulus Conformance of Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers
ASTM    D 2425-04(2009) : Standard Test Method for Hydrocarbon Types in Middle Distillates by Mass Spectrometry
ASTM    D 2426-93(2009) : Standard Test Method for Butadiene Dimer and Styrene in Butadiene Concentrates by Gas Chromatography
ASTM    E 2426-10 : Standard Practice for Pulse Counting System Dead Time Determination by Measuring Isotopic Ratios with SIMS
ASTM    F 2426-13 : Standard Guide on Wing Interface Documentation for Powered Parachute Aircraft
ASTM    F 2427-05A(2013) : Standard Specification for Required Product Information to be Provided with Lighter-Than-Air Light Sport Aircraft
ASTM    E 2427-13 : Standard Test Method for Acceptance by Performance Testing for Sieves
ASTM    D 2427-06(2011) : Standard Test Method for Determination of C<sub>2</sub> through C<sub>5</sub> Hydrocarbons in Gasolines by Gas Chromatography
ASTM    E 2428-08 : Standard Practice for Calibration of Torque-Measuring Instruments for Verifying the Torque Indication of Torque Testing Machines
ASTM    F 2428-04(2011) : Standard Guide for Selection and Use for Pelvic Ring Circumferential Compression Stabilization  Devices (PRCCSD)
ASTM    F 2429-05(2010) : Standard Terminology Relating to Aerospace Transparent Materials and Enclosures
ASTM    E 2430/E 2430M-13 : Standard Specification For Expanded Polystyrene (“EPS”) Thermal Insulation Boards for Use in Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (“EIFS”)
ASTM    F 2430-04(2012) : Standard Specification for Bearing, Roller, Needle: Assembly (Thick Outer Race)
ASTM    F 2431-04(2012) : Standard Specification for Ring Bearing, Inner: For Needle Roller Bearing with Thick Outer Ring
ASTM    E 2431-12 : Standard Practice for Determining the Resistance of Single Glazed Annealed Architectural Flat Glass to Thermal Loadings
ASTM    E 2432-11 : Standard Guide for General Principles of Sustainability Relative to Buildings
ASTM    F 2432-12 : Standard Specification for Ice Making Machines, Icemaker-Dispensers, and Ice Dispensing Equipment
ASTM    F 2433-05(2013) : Standard Test Method for Determining Thermoplastic Pipe Wall Stiffness
ASTM    F 2434-09 : Standard Specification for Metal Insert Fittings Utilizing a Copper Crimp Ring for SDR9 Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) Tubing and SDR9 Cross-linked Polyethylene/Aluminum/Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX-AL-PEX) Tubing
ASTM    D 2434-68(2006) : Standard Test Method for Permeability of Granular Soils (Constant Head)
ASTM    D 2435/D 2435M-11 : Standard Test Methods for One-Dimensional Consolidation Properties of Soils Using Incremental Loading
ASTM    F 2435-12 : Standard Specification for Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (PE) Corrugated Pipe
ASTM    E 2435-05(2010)e1 : Standard Guide for Application of Engineering Controls to Facilitate Use or Redevelopment of Chemical-Affected Properties
ASTM    E 2436-05(2010) : Standard Specification for the Representation of Human Characteristics Data in Healthcare Information Systems
ASTM    F 2436-05(2011) : Standard Test Method for Measuring the Performance of Synthetic Rope Rescue Belay Systems Using a Drop Test
ASTM    F 2437-14 : Standard Specification for Carbon and Alloy Steel Compressible-Washer-Type Direct Tension Indicators for Use with Cap Screws, Bolts, Anchors, and Studs
ASTM    F 2438-04(2010) : Standard Specification for Oil Spill Response Boom Connection: Slide Connector
ASTM    E 2439-09 : Standard Guide for Instrumentation, Sensors and Operating Software Used in Forensic Psychophysiological Detection of Deception (Polygraph) Examinations
ASTM    F 2439-06(2011) : Standard Specification for Headgear Used in Soccer
ASTM    D 2439-12 : Standard Specification for Refined Phenol
ASTM    F 2440-11 : Standard Specification for Indoor Wall/Feature Padding
ASTM    D 2440-13 : Standard Test Method for Oxidation Stability of Mineral Insulating Oil
ASTM    F 2441-12 : Standard Practice for Labeling of Backpacking and Mountaineering Tents and Bivouac Sacks
ASTM    F 2442-07 : Standard Guide for Layout of Ice Arena
ASTM    D 2442-75(2012) : Standard Specification for  Alumina Ceramics for Electrical and Electronic Applications
ASTM    F 2443-04(2012) : Standard Specification for Roller, Bearing, Needle, Ferrous, Solid, Spherical End
ASTM    E 2443-05(2010)e1 : Standard Guide for Verifying Computer-Generated  Test Results Through The Use Of Standard  Data Sets
ASTM    D 2444-99(2010) : Standard Test Method for Determination of the Impact Resistance of Thermoplastic Pipe and Fittings by Means of a Tup (Falling Weight)
ASTM    E 2444-11e1 : Terminology Relating to Measurements Taken on Thin, Reflecting Films
ASTM    F 2444-04(2012) : Standard Practice for Damage Prevention of Bearings, and Bearing Components Through Proper Handling Techniques
ASTM    E 2445-05(2010) : Standard Practice for Qualification and Long-Term Stability of Computed Radiology Systems
ASTM    F 2446-04(2010) : Standard Classification for Hierarchy of Equipment Identifiers and Boundaries for Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Performance Data Exchange
ASTM    E 2446-05(2010) : Standard Practice for Classification of Computed Radiology Systems
ASTM    F 2447-05(2009) : Standard Practice for Production Acceptance Test Procedures for Weight-Shift-Control Aircraft
ASTM    E 2448-11 : Standard Test Method for Determining the Superplastic Properties of Metallic Sheet Materials
ASTM    D 2448-85(2012) : Standard Test Method for Water-Soluble Salts in Pigments by Measuring the Specific Resistance of the Leachate of the Pigment
ASTM    F 2448-04(2009) : Standard Practice for Manufacturer Quality Assurance System for Weight-Shift-Control Aircraft
ASTM    D 2449-88(2011) : Standard Specification for  Rubber Bales From Natural Sources&mdash;Limit on Coating
ASTM    E 2449-05(2013) : Standard Guide for Irradiation of Pre-packaged Processed Meat and Poultry Products to Control Pathogens and Other Microorganisms
ASTM    F 2449-09 : Standard Specification for Manufacturer Quality Assurance Program for Light Sport Gyroplane Aircraft
ASTM    F 2450-10 : Standard Guide for Assessing Microstructure of Polymeric Scaffolds for Use in Tissue Engineered Medical Products
ASTM    E 2450-11 : Standard Practice for Application of CaF<sub>2</sub>(Mn) Thermoluminescence Dosimeters in Mixed Neutron-Photon Environments
ASTM    F 2451-05(2010) : Standard Guide for <i>in vivo</i> Assessment of Implantable Devices Intended to Repair or Regenerate Articular Cartilage
ASTM    E 2451-13 : Standard Practice for Preserving Ignitable Liquids and Ignitable Liquid Residue Extracts from Fire Debris Samples
ASTM    D 2452-03(2009) : Standard Test Method for Extrudability of Oil- and Resin-Base Caulking Compounds
ASTM    E 2452-12 : Standard Practice for Equipment Management Process Maturity (EMPM) Model
ASTM    F 2452-04(2012) : Standard Practice for Determining the Adhesion of Print Media Utilizing Mechanical Stress: Two Different Test Methods – Score/Tape and Cross Hatch
ASTM    E 2453-13 : Standard Practice for Determining the Life-Cycle Cost of Ownership of Personal Property
ASTM    D 2453-03(2009) : Standard Test Method for Shrinkage and Tenacity of Oil- and Resin-Base Caulking Compounds
ASTM    F 2453/F 2453M-14 : Standard Specification for Welded Wire Mesh Fence Fabric (Metallic-Coated or Polymer Coated) for Meshes of 6 in.2 [3871 mm2] or Less, in Panels or Rolls, with Uniform Meshes
ASTM    F 2454-05(2010) : Standard Practice for Sealing Lateral Connections and lines from the mainline Sewer Systems by the Lateral Packer Method, Using Chemical Grouting
ASTM    E 2454-05(2011) : Standard Guide for Sensory Evaluation Methods to Determine the Sensory Shelf Life of Consumer Products
ASTM    D 2454-14 : Standard Practice for Determining the Effect of Overbaking on Organic Coatings
ASTM    E 2455-06(2013) : Standard Guide for Conducting Laboratory Toxicity Tests with Freshwater Mussels


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