List of ASTM Standard 5501 to 5600

ASTM    D 1640-03(2009) : Standard Test Methods for Drying, Curing, or Film Formation of Organic Coatings at Room Temperature
ASTM    E 1640-13 : Standard Test Method for Assignment of the Glass Transition Temperature By Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
ASTM    F 1640-09 : Standard Guide for Packaging Materials for Foods to Be Irradiated
ASTM    E 1641-13 : Standard Test Method for Decomposition Kinetics by Thermogravimetry Using the Ozawa/Flynn/Wall Method
ASTM    E 1642-00(2010) : Standard Practice for General Techniques of Gas Chromatography Infrared (GC/IR) Analysis
ASTM    F 1642-12 : Standard Test Method for Glazing and Glazing Systems Subject to Airblast Loadings
ASTM    C 1642-07 : Standard Practice for Determining Air Leakage Rates of Aerosol Foam Sealants and Other Construction Joint Fill and Insulation Materials
ASTM    F 1643-05(2012) : Standard Test Methods for Detention Sliding Door Locking Device Assembly
ASTM    E 1643-11 : Standard Practice for  Selection, Design, Installation, and Inspection of Water Vapor Retarders  Used in Contact with Earth or Granular Fill Under Concrete Slabs
ASTM    C 1643-14 : Standard Test Method to Measuring the Post Dispensing Volumetric Expansion of Aerosol Foam Sealants
ASTM    C 1644-06(2011) : Standard Specification for Resilient Connectors Between Reinforced Concrete On-Site Wastewater Tanks and Pipes
ASTM    E 1644-04(2012)e1 : Standard Practice for  Hot Plate Digestion of Dust Wipe Samples for the Determination of Lead
ASTM    D 1644-01(2012) : Standard Test Methods for Nonvolatile Content of Varnishes
ASTM    C 1645/C 1645M-11 : Standard Test Method for Freeze-thaw and De-icing Salt Durability of Solid Concrete Interlocking Paving Units
ASTM    E 1645-01(2007) : Standard Practice for Preparation of Dried Paint Samples by Hotplate or Microwave Digestion for Subsequent Lead Analysis
ASTM    F 1645/F 1645M-12 : Standard Test Method for  Water Migration in Honeycomb Core Materials
ASTM    E 1646-95(2011) : Standard Test Method for Water Penetration of Exterior Metal Roof Panel Systems by Uniform Static Air Pressure Difference
ASTM    D 1646-07(2012) : Standard Test Methods for  Rubber—Viscosity, Stress Relaxation, and Pre-Vulcanization Characteristics (Mooney Viscometer)
ASTM    C 1646/C 1646M-08a : Standard Practice for Making and Curing Test Specimens for Evaluating Resistance of Coarse Aggregate to Freezing and Thawing in Air-Entrained Concrete
ASTM    F 1646-13 : Standard Terminology Relating to Safety and Traction for Footwear
ASTM    F 1647-11 : Standard Test Methods for  Organic Matter Content of Athletic Field Rootzone Mixes
ASTM    E 1647-09 : Standard Practice for Determining Contrast Sensitivity in Radioscopy
ASTM    C 1647-13 : Standard Practice for Removal of Uranium or Plutonium, or both, for Impurity Assay in Uranium or Plutonium Materials
ASTM    D 1648-86(2008) : Standard Specification for  Basic Lead Silicochromate Pigment
ASTM    E 1648-95(2011) : Standard Reference Radiographs for Examination of Aluminum Fusion Welds
ASTM    C 1648-12 : Standard Guide for Choosing a Method for Determining the Index of Refraction and Dispersion of Glass
ASTM    F 1648-95(2013) : Standard Test Methods for Archery Bowstring Component – Serving String Material
ASTM    D 1649-01(2012) : Standard Specification for Strontium Chromate Pigment
ASTM    C 1649-08 : Standard Practice for Instrumental Transmittance Measurement of Color for Flat Glass, Coated and Uncoated
ASTM    F 1649-13 : Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Wet Braking Traction Performance of Passenger Car Tires on Vehicles Equipped with Anti-Lock Braking Systems
ASTM    F 1650-98(2014)E1 : Standard Practice for Evaluating Tire Traction Performance Data Under Varying Test Conditions
ASTM    C 1650-07 : Standard Practice for Instrumental Reflectance Measurement of Color for Flat Glass, Coated, and Uncoated
ASTM    F 1651-95(2009) : Standard Guide for Training the Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic)
ASTM    C 1651-11 : Standard Test Method for Measurement of Roll Wave Optical Distortion in Heat-Treated Flat Glass
ASTM    D 1652-11e1 : Standard Test Method for Epoxy Content of Epoxy Resins
ASTM    E 1652-14A : Standard Specification for Magnesium Oxide and Aluminum Oxide Powder and Crushable Insulators Used in the Manufacture of Base Metal Thermocouples, Metal-Sheathed Platinum Resistance Thermometers, and Noble Metal Thermocouples
ASTM    C 1652/C 1652M-14 : Standard Test Method for Measuring Optical Distortion in Flat Glass Products Using Digital Photography of Grids
ASTM    F 1652-95(2007) : Standard Guide for Providing Essential Data Needed in Advance for Prehospital Emergency Medical Services
ASTM    E 1653-94(2013) : Standard Guide for Specifying Dynamic Characteristics of Optical Radiation Transmitting Fiber Waveguides
ASTM    D 1653-13 : Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Organic Coating Films
ASTM    F 1653-95(2012) : Standard Guide for Scope of Performance of Triage in a Prehospital Environment
ASTM    D 1654-08 : Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Painted or Coated Specimens Subjected to Corrosive Environments
ASTM    F 1654-95(2012) : Standard Guide for Training and Evaluation of Individuals Who are Responsible for or Perform Triage in a Prehospital Environment
ASTM    E 1654-94(2013) : Standard Guide for Measuring Ionizing Radiation-Induced Spectral Changes in Optical Fibers and Cables for Use in Remote Raman FiberOptic Spectroscopy
ASTM    F 1655-95(2013) : Standard Guide for Training First Responders Who Practice in Wilderness, Delayed, or Prolonged Transport Settings
ASTM    C 1655-06(2011) : Standard Classification of Fireclay and High-Alumina Mortars
ASTM    D 1655-13A : Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels
ASTM    E 1655-05(2012) : Standard Practices for Infrared Multivariate Quantitative Analysis
ASTM    C 1656-13 : Standard Guide for Measuring the Reactivity of Hydraulic Refractory Castables using Exothermic Profile
ASTM    E 1656/E 1656M-11 : Standard Guide for Classification of Automated Pavement Condition Survey Equipment
ASTM    E 1657-98(2011) : Standard Practice for Testing Variable-Wavelength Photometric Detectors Used in Liquid Chromatography
ASTM    D 1657-12E1 : Standard Test Method for Density or Relative Density of Light Hydrocarbons by Pressure Hydrometer
ASTM    F 1657/F 1657M-96(2012)e1 : Standard Practice for Emergency Joining of Booms with Incompatible Connectors
ASTM    C 1658/C 1658M-13 : Standard Specification for Glass Mat Gypsum Panels
ASTM    E 1658-08 : Standard Terminology for  Expressing Conclusions of Forensic Document Examiners
ASTM    E 1659-12 : Standard Test Methods for Coating Mass and Chemical Analysis of Zinc-Nickel Alloy Electrolytically Coated on Steel Sheet
ASTM    E 1660-95a (Reapproved 2012) : Standard Classification for Serviceability of an Office Facility for Support for Office Work
ASTM    C 1660-10 : Standard Specification for Thin-bed Mortar for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Masonry
ASTM    F 1661-09 : Standard Test Method for Determining the Contact Bounce Time of a Membrane Switch
ASTM    C 1661-13 : Standard Guide for Viewing Systems for Remotely Operated Facilities
ASTM    E 1661-95a (Reapproved 2012) : Standard Classification for Serviceability of an Office Facility for Meetings and Group Effectiveness
ASTM    D 1662-08(2014) : Standard Test Method for Active Sulfur in Cutting Oils
ASTM    F 1662-10 : Standard Test Method for Verifying the Specified Dielectric Withstand Voltage and Determining the Dielectric Breakdown Voltage of a Membrane Switch
ASTM    C 1662-10 : Standard Practice for Measurement of the Glass Dissolution Rate Using the Single-Pass Flow-Through Test Method
ASTM    E 1662-95a (Reapproved 2012) : Standard Classification for Serviceability of an Office Facility for Sound and Visual Environment
ASTM    E 1663-03(2010) : Standard Classification for Serviceability of an Office Facility for Typical Office Information Technology
ASTM    C 1663-09 : Standard Test Method for Measuring Waste Glass or Glass Ceramic Durability by Vapor Hydration Test
ASTM    F 1663-09 : Standard Test Method for Determining the Capacitance of a Membrane Switch
ASTM    F 1664-08(2013) : Standard Specification for Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) and Other Conforming Organic Polymer-Coated Steel Tension Wire Used with Chain-Link Fence
ASTM    E 1664-95a (Reapproved 2012) : Standard Classification for Serviceability of an Office Facility for Layout and Building Factors
ASTM    F 1665-08(2013) : Standard Specification for Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) and Other Conforming Organic Polymer-Coated Steel Barbed Wire Used With Chain-Link Fence
ASTM    D 1665-98(2009) : Standard Test Method for Engler Specific Viscosity of Tar Products
ASTM    E 1665-95a(2012) : Standard Classification for Serviceability of an Office Facility for Facility Protection
ASTM    C 1666/C 1666M-08 : Standard Specification for Alkali Resistant (AR) Glass Fiber for GFRC and Fiber-Reinforced Concrete and Cement
ASTM    D 1666-11 : Standard Test Methods for Conducting Machining Tests of Wood and Wood-Base Materials
ASTM    E 1666-95a(2012) : Standard Classification for Serviceability of an Office Facility for Work Outside Normal Hours or Conditions
ASTM    D 1667-05(2011) : Standard Specification for  Flexible Cellular Materials<char: emdash>Poly (Vinyl Chloride) Foam (Closed-Cell)
ASTM    E 1667-95a(2012) : Standard Classification for Serviceability of an Office Facility for Image to the Public and Occupants
ASTM    C 1667-09 : Standard Test Method for Using Heat Flow Meter Apparatus to Measure the Center-of-Panel Thermal Resistivity of Vacuum Panels
ASTM    F 1667-13 : Standard Specification for Driven Fasteners: Nails, Spikes, and Staples
ASTM    C 1668-13A : Standard Specification for Externally Applied Reflective Insulation Systems on Rigid Duct in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
ASTM    F 1668-08 : Standard Guide for Construction Procedures for Buried Plastic Pipe
ASTM    E 1668-95a(2012) : Standard Classification for Serviceability of an Office Facility for Amenities to Attract and Retain Staff
ASTM    D 1668/D 1668M-97A(2014)E1 : Standard Specification for Glass Fabrics (Woven and Treated) for Roofing and Waterproofing
ASTM    D 1669/D 1669M-07(2013)E1 : Standard Practice for Preparation of Test Panels for Accelerated and Outdoor Weathering of Bituminous Coatings
ASTM    E 1669-95a(2012) : Standard Classification for Serviceability of an Office Facility for Location, Access and Wayfinding
ASTM    F 1669M-12 : Standard Specification for Insulation Monitors for Shipboard Electrical Systems [Metric] ASTM    F 1670/F 1670M-08(2014)e1 : Standard Test Method for Resistance of Materials Used in Protective Clothing to Penetration by Synthetic Blood
ASTM    C 1670/C 1670M-13A : Standard Specification for Adhered Manufactured Stone Masonry Veneer Units
ASTM    D 1670/D 1670M-11 : Standard Test Method for Failure End Point in Accelerated and Outdoor Weathering of Bituminous Materials
ASTM    E 1670-95a(2012) : Standard Classification for Serviceability of an Office Facility for Management of Operations and Maintenance
ASTM    E 1671-95a(2012) : Standard Classification for Serviceability of an Office Facility for Cleanliness
ASTM    F 1671/F 1671M-13 : Standard Test Method for Resistance of Materials Used in Protective Clothing to Penetration by Blood-Borne Pathogens Using Phi-X174 Bacteriophage Penetration as a Test System
ASTM    C 1671-07 : Standard Practice for Qualification and Acceptance of Boron Based Metallic Neutron Absorbers for Nuclear Criticality Control for Dry Cask Storage Systems and Transportation Packaging
ASTM    C 1672-07(2014) : Standard Test Method for Determination of Uranium or Plutonium Isotopic Composition or Concentration by the Total Evaporation Method Using a Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer
ASTM    E 1672-12 : Standard Guide for Computed Tomography (CT) System Selection
ASTM    F 1672-14 : Standard Specification for Resurfacing Patellar Prosthesis
ASTM    F 1673-10 : Standard Specification for Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Corrosive Waste Drainage Systems
ASTM    C 1673-10ae1 : Standard Terminology of C26.10 Nondestructive Assay Methods
ASTM    E 1673-96(2012) : Standard Test Method for Percent Suspensibility


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