List of ASTM Standard 4501 to 4600

ASTM    E 1280-97(2008) : Standard Guide for Performing the Mouse Lymphoma Assay for Mammalian Cell Mutagenicity
ASTM    D 1280-00(2007) : Standard Guide for Total Immersion Corrosion Test for Soak Tank Metal Cleaners
ASTM    F 1281-11 : Standard Specification for Crosslinked Polyethylene/Aluminum/Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX-AL-PEX) Pressure Pipe
ASTM    E 1281-10 : Standard Guide for Nuclear Facility Decommissioning Plans
ASTM    C 1281-14 : Standard Specification for Preformed Tape Sealants for Glazing Applications
ASTM    E 1282-11 : Standard Guide for Specifying the Chemical Compositions and Selecting Sampling Practices and Quantitative Analysis Methods for Metals, Ores, and Related Materials
ASTM    D 1282-05(2009) : Standard Test Method for Resistance to Airflow as an Indication of Average Fiber Diameter of Wool Top, Card Sliver, and Scoured Wool
ASTM    F 1282-10 : Standard Specification for Polyethylene/Aluminum/Polyethylene (PE-AL-PE) Composite Pressure Pipe
ASTM    D 1283-05(2013) : Standard Test Method for Alkali-Solubility of Wools
ASTM    C 1283-11 : Standard Practice for Installing Clay Flue Lining
ASTM    C 1284-10 : Standard Practice for Electrodeposition of the Actinides for Alpha Spectrometry
ASTM    F 1284-09 : Standard Test Method for Evaluating Carpet Embedded Dirt Removal Effectiveness of Residential Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems
ASTM    C 1285-14 : Standard Test Methods for Determining Chemical Durability of Nuclear, Hazardous, and Mixed Waste Glasses and Multiphase Glass Ceramics: The Product Consistency Test (PCT)
ASTM    E 1285-06 : Standard Guide for Identification of Bacteriophage Lambda (λ) or Its DNA
ASTM    F 1285-13 : Standard Guide for Training the Emergency Medical Technician to Perform Patient Examination Techniques
ASTM    F 1286-90(2009) : Standard Guide for Development and Operation of Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Facilities
ASTM    E 1286-00(2006) : Standard Guide for Identification of Herpes Simplex Virus or Its DNA
ASTM    F 1287-90(2012) : Standard Guide for Scope of Performance of First Responders Who Provide Emergency Medical Care
ASTM    C 1287-10 : Standard Test Method for Determination of Impurities in Nuclear Grade Uranium Compounds by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
ASTM    D 1287-11 : Standard Test Method for  pH of Engine Coolants and Antirusts
ASTM    C 1288-99(2010) : Standard Specification for Discrete Non-Asbestos Fiber-Cement Interior Substrate Sheets
ASTM    F 1288-90(2009) : Standard Guide for Planning for and Response to a Multiple Casualty Incident
ASTM    C 1289-14 : Standard Specification for Faced Rigid Cellular Polyisocyanurate Thermal Insulation Board
ASTM    E 1289-08 : Standard Specification for Reference Specimen for Sound Transmission Loss
ASTM    D 1290-95(2008) : Standard Test Method for  Sediment in Water-Emulsion Polishes by Centrifuge
ASTM    F 1290-98a(2011) : Standard Practice for Electrofusion Joining Polyolefin Pipe and Fittings
ASTM    C 1290-11 : Standard Specification for Flexible Fibrous Glass Blanket Insulation Used to Externally Insulate HVAC Ducts
ASTM    C 1291-00a(2010) : Standard Test Method for Elevated Temperature Tensile Creep Strain, Creep Strain Rate, and Creep Time-to-Failure for Advanced Monolithic Ceramics
ASTM    F 1291-10 : Standard Test Method for Measuring the Thermal Insulation of Clothing Using a Heated Manikin
ASTM    D 1291-06(2011) : Standard Practice for Estimation of Chlorine Demand of Water
ASTM    E 1292-94(2011) : Standard Specification for Gravity Convection and Forced Ventilation Incubators
ASTM    C 1292-10 : Standard Test Method for Shear Strength of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Advanced Ceramics at Ambient Temperatures
ASTM    D 1292-10 : Standard Test Method for Odor in Water
ASTM    F 1292-13 : Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials Within the Use Zone of Playground Equipment
ASTM    C 1293-08b : Standard Test Method for  Determination of Length Change of Concrete Due to Alkali-Silica Reaction
ASTM    E 1293-02(2012) : Standard Specification for Glass Measuring Pipets
ASTM    D 1293-12 : Standard Test Methods for  pH of Water
ASTM    C 1294-07(2011) : Standard Test Method for  Compatibility of Insulating Glass Edge Sealants with Liquid-Applied Glazing Materials
ASTM    F 1294-97a(2009) : Standard Terminology Relating to Automatic Identification Hard Copy Printing Systems
ASTM    D 1294-05(2013) : Standard Test Method for Tensile Strength and Breaking Tenacity of Wool Fiber Bundles 1-in. (25.4-mm) Gage Length
ASTM    C 1295-14 : Standard Test Method for Gamma Energy Emission from Fission and Decay Products in Uranium Hexafluoride and Uranyl Nitrate Solution
ASTM    E 1295-01(2013) : Standard Guide for Conducting Three-Brood, Renewal Toxicity Tests with Ceriodaphnia dubia
ASTM    F 1295-11 : Standard Specification for Wrought Titanium-6Aluminum-7Niobium Alloy for Surgical Implant Applications (UNS R56700)
ASTM    D 1296-01(2012) : Standard Test Method for Odor of Volatile Solvents and Diluents
ASTM    F 1296-08 : Standard Guide for Evaluating Chemical Protective Clothing
ASTM    C 1297-03(2011) : Standard Guide for Qualification of Laboratory Analysts for the Analysis of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Materials
ASTM    F 1297-90(2012) : Standard Guide for Location and Instruction Symbols for Evacuation and Lifesaving Equipment
ASTM    E 1297-08(2013) : Standard Test Method for Measuring Fast-Neutron Reaction Rates by Radioactivation of Niobium
ASTM    E 1298-06 : Standard Guide for Determination of Purity, Impurities, and Contaminants in Biological Drug Products
ASTM    C 1298-95(2013) : Standard Guide for Design and Construction of Brick Liners for Industrial Chimneys
ASTM    F 1298-90(2012) : Standard Specification for Flexible, Expansion-Type Ball Joints for Marine Applications
ASTM    D 1298-12B : Standard Test Method for Density, Relative Density, or API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products by Hydrometer Method
ASTM    E 1299-96(2010) : Standard Specification for Reusable Phase-Change-Type Fever Thermometer for Intermittent Determination of Human Temperature
ASTM    C 1300-95(2012) : Standard Test Method for  Linear Thermal Expansion of Glaze Frits and Ceramic Whiteware Materials by the Interferometric Method
ASTM    E 1300-12ae1 : Standard Practice for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings
ASTM    F 1301-90(2011)e1 : Standard Practice for Labeling Chemical Protective Clothing
ASTM    C 1301-95(2014) : Standard Test Method for Major and Trace Elements in Limestone and Lime by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP) and Atomic Absorption (AA)
ASTM    D 1301-91(2008) : Standard Test Methods for  Chemical Analysis of White Lead Pigments
ASTM    C 1302-04(2011) : Standard Guide for Selection and Use of Keywords for Thermal Insulation Test Methods and Standards
ASTM    E 1302-13 : Standard Guide for Acute Animal Toxicity Testing of Water-Miscible Metalworking Fluids
ASTM    C 1303/C 1303M-12 : Standard Test Method for  Predicting Long-Term Thermal Resistance of Closed-Cell Foam Insulation
ASTM    F 1303-04(2014) : Standard Specification for Sheet Vinyl Floor Covering with Backing
ASTM    E 1303-95(2010) : Practice for Refractive Index Detectors Used in Liquid Chromatography
ASTM    C 1304-08(2013) : Standard Test Method for Assessing the Odor Emission of Thermal Insulation Materials
ASTM    E 1304-97(2008)e1 : Standard Test Method for Plane-Strain (Chevron-Notch) Fracture Toughness of Metallic Materials
ASTM    F 1304-08(2013) : Standard Test Method for Deflection of Resilient Floor Tile
ASTM    D 1304-99(2012) : Standard Test Methods for Adhesives Relative to Their Use as Electrical Insulation
ASTM    D 1305-99(2009) : Standard Specification for Electrical Insulating Paper and Paperboard-Sulfate (Kraft) Layer Type
ASTM    C 1305-08 : Standard Test Method for Crack Bridging Ability of Liquid-Applied Waterproofing Membrane
ASTM    F 1306-90(2008)e1 : Standard Test Method for Slow Rate Penetration Resistance of Flexible Barrier Films and Laminates
ASTM    E 1306-11 : Standard Practice for Preparation of Metal and Alloy Samples by Electric Arc Remelting for the Determination of Chemical Composition
ASTM    C 1306-08 : Standard Test Method for Hydrostatic Pressure Resistance of a Liquid-Applied Waterproofing Membrane
ASTM    C 1307-14 : Standard Test Method for Plutonium Assay by Plutonium (III) Diode Array Spectrophotometry
ASTM    E 1307-10 : Standard Practice for Surface Preparation and Structural Adhesive Bonding of Precured, Nonmetallic Composite Facings to Structural Core for Flat Shelter Panels
ASTM    F 1307-14 : Standard Test Method for Oxygen Transmission Rate Through Dry Packages Using a Coulometric Sensor
ASTM    C 1308-08 : Standard Test Method for Accelerated Leach Test for Diffusive Releases from Solidified Waste and a Computer Program to Model Diffusive, Fractional Leaching from Cylindrical Waste Forms
ASTM    F 1308-98(2014) : Standard Test Method for Quantitating Volatile Extractables in Microwave Susceptors Used for Food Products
ASTM    D 1308-02(2013) : Standard Test Method for Effect of Household Chemicals on Clear and Pigmented Organic Finishes
ASTM    D 1309-93(2010) : Standard Test Method for Settling Properties of Traffic Paints During Storage
ASTM    C 1309-97(2012) : Standard Practice for  Performance Evaluation of In-Plant Walk-Through Metal Detectors
ASTM    E 1309-00(2011) : Standard Guide for Identification of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Matrix Composite Materials in Databases
ASTM    F 1309-98(2012) : Standard Practice for Installation Procedures for Fitting Chocks to Marine Machinery Foundations
ASTM    D 1310-01(2007) : Standard Test Method for Flash Point and Fire Point of Liquids by Tag Open-Cup Apparatus
ASTM    C 1311-14 : Standard Specification for Solvent Release Sealants
ASTM    F 1311-90(2012) : Standard Specification for Large–Diameter Fabricated Carbon Steel Flanges
ASTM    E 1311-89(2010) : Standard Test Method for Minimum Detectable Temperature Difference for Thermal Imaging Systems
ASTM    C 1312-97(2012) : Standard Practice for Making and Conditioning Chemical-Resistant Sulfur Polymer Cement Concrete Test Specimens in the Laboratory
ASTM    E 1312-09(2013)E1 : Standard Practice for Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) Examination of Ferromagnetic Cylindrical Bar Product Above the Curie Temperature
ASTM    F 1312-90(2013) : Standard Specification for Brick, Insulating, High Temperature, Fire Clay
ASTM    C 1313/C 1313M-13 : Standard Specification for Sheet Radiant Barriers for Building Construction Applications
ASTM    F 1313-90(2011) : Standard Specification for Volatile N-Nitrosamine Levels in Rubber Nipples on Pacifiers
ASTM    C 1314-12 : Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Masonry Prisms
ASTM    F 1314-13AE1 : Standard Specification for Wrought Nitrogen Strengthened 22 Chromium–13 Nickel–5 Manganese–2.5 Molybdenum Stainless Steel Alloy Bar and Wire for Surgical Implants (UNS S20910)
ASTM    F 1315-00(2014) : Standard Test Method for Density of a Sheet Gasket Material
ASTM    C 1315-11 : Standard Specification for  Liquid Membrane-Forming Compounds Having Special Properties for Curing and Sealing Concrete
ASTM    E 1316-14 : Standard Terminology for Nondestructive Examinations
ASTM    C 1316-08 : Standard Test Method for  Nondestructive Assay of Nuclear Material in Scrap and Waste by Passive-Active Neutron Counting Using <sup>252</sup>Cf Shuffler
ASTM    F 1316-90(2013) : Standard Test Method for Measuring the Transmissivity of Transparent Parts
ASTM    D 1316-06(2011) : Standard Test Method for Fineness of Grind of Printing Inks By the NPIRI Grindometer
ASTM    E 1317-12 : Standard Test Method for Flammability of Marine Surface Finishes


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