List of ASTM Standard 1901 to 2000

ASTM    A 574M-12 : Standard Specification for  Alloy Steel Socket-Head Cap Screws (Metric)
ASTM    E 575-05(2011) : Standard Practice for Reporting Data from Structural Tests of Building Constructions, Elements, Connections, and Assemblies
ASTM    B 575-10 : Standard Specification for  Low-Carbon Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum,  Low-Carbon Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum-Copper,  Low-Carbon Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum-Tantalum,  Low-Carbon Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum-Tungsten,  and Low-Carbon Nickel-Molybdenu
ASTM    A 575-96(2013)E1 : Standard Specification for Steel Bars, Carbon, Merchant Quality, M-Grades
ASTM    D 575-91(2012) : Standard Test Methods for Rubber Properties in Compression
ASTM    E 576-08 : Standard Test Method for Frost/Dew Point of Sealed Insulating Glass Units in the Vertical Position
ASTM    B 576-94(2010) : Standard Guide for Arc Erosion Testing of Electrical Contact Materials
ASTM    A 576-90b(2012) : Standard Specification for  Steel Bars, Carbon, Hot-Wrought, Special Quality
ASTM    F 577-03(2009) : Standard Test Method for Particle Size Measurement of Dry Toners
ASTM    A 577/A 577M-90(2012) : Standard Specification for  Ultrasonic Angle-Beam Examination of Steel Plates
ASTM    C 577-07(2014) : Standard Test Method for Permeability of Refractories
ASTM    B 577-10 : Standard Test Methods for Detection of Cuprous Oxide (Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility) in Copper
ASTM    A 578/A 578M-07(2012) : Standard Specification for Straight-Beam Ultrasonic Examination of Rolled Steel Plates for Special Applications
ASTM    D 578/D 578M-05(2011)e1 : Standard Specification for Glass Fiber Strands
ASTM    C 578-14 : Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation
ASTM    E 578-07(2013) : Standard Test Method for Linearity of Fluorescence Measuring Systems
ASTM    B 578-87(2009) : Standard Test Method for Microhardness of Electroplated Coatings
ASTM    B 579-73(2009) : Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Tin-Lead Alloy (Solder Plate)
ASTM    E 579-04(2009) : Standard Test Method for Limit of Detection of Fluorescence of Quinine Sulfate in Solution
ASTM    C 579-01(2012) : Standard Test Methods for Compressive Strength of Chemical-Resistant Mortars, Grouts, Monolithic Surfacings, and Polymer Concretes
ASTM    A 579/A 579M-04a(2009) : Standard Specification for Superstrength Alloy Steel Forgings
ASTM    D 579/D 579M-10 : Standard Specification for Greige Woven Glass Fabrics
ASTM    C 580-02(2012) : Standard Test Method for Flexural Strength and Modulus of Elasticity of Chemical- Resistant Mortars, Grouts, Monolithic Surfacings, and Polymer Concretes
ASTM    E 580/E 580M-14 : Standard Practice for Installation of Ceiling Suspension Systems for Acoustical Tile and Lay-in Panels in Areas Subject to Earthquake Ground Motions
ASTM    D 580/D 580M-10 : Standard Specification for Greige Woven Glass Tapes and Webbings
ASTM    B 580-79(2009) : Standard Specification for Anodic Oxide Coatings on Aluminum
ASTM    A 580/A 580M-13B : Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Wire
ASTM    E 581-10 : Standard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Manganese-Copper Alloys
ASTM    C 581-03(2008)e1 : Standard Practice for  Determining Chemical Resistance of Thermosetting Resins Used in Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Structures Intended for Liquid Service
ASTM    A 581/A 581M-95B(2014) : Standard Specification for Free-Machining Stainless Steel Wire and Wire Rods
ASTM    D 581/D 581M-12 : Standard Specification for Glass Fiber Greige Braided Tubular Sleeving
ASTM    B 581-02(2013)E1 : Standard Specification for Nickel-Chromium-Iron-Molybdenum-Copper Alloy Rod
ASTM    C 582-09 : Standard Specification for Contact-Molded Reinforced Thermosetting Plastic (RTP) Laminates for Corrosion-Resistant Equipment
ASTM    B 582-07(2013) : Standard Specification for Nickel-Chromium-Iron-Molybdenum-Copper Alloy Plate, Sheet, and Strip
ASTM    E 582-07(2013)E1 : Standard Test Method for Minimum Ignition Energy and Quenching Distance in Gaseous Mixtures
ASTM    A 582/A 582M-12e1 : Standard Specification for Free-Machining Stainless Steel Bars
ASTM    C 583-10 : Standard Test Method for Modulus of Rupture of Refractory Materials at Elevated Temperatures
ASTM    D 584-10 : Standard Test Method for Wool Content of Raw Wool-Laboratory Scale
ASTM    F 584-06e1 : Standard Practice for Visual Inspection of Semiconductor Lead-Bonding Wire
ASTM    C 584-81(2011) : Standard Test Method for Specular Gloss of Glazed Ceramic Whitewares and Related Products
ASTM    B 584-14 : Standard Specification for Copper Alloy Sand Castings for General Applications
ASTM    C 585-10 : Standard Practice for Inner and Outer Diameters of Thermal Insulation for Nominal Sizes of Pipe and Tubing
ASTM    E 585/E 585M-12 : Standard Specification for  Compacted Mineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed, Base Metal Thermocouple Cable
ASTM    F 585-13 : Standard Guide for Insertion of Flexible Polyethylene Pipe Into Existing Sewers
ASTM    A 586-04a(2009)e1 : Standard Specification for Zinc-Coated Parallel and Helical Steel Wire Structural Strand
ASTM    C 586-11 : Standard Test Method for  Potential Alkali Reactivity of Carbonate Rocks as Concrete Aggregates (Rock-Cylinder Method)
ASTM    E 587-10 : Standard Practice for Ultrasonic Angle-Beam Contact Testing
ASTM    A 587-96(2012) : Standard Specification for Electric-Resistance-Welded Low-Carbon Steel Pipe for the Chemical Industry
ASTM    C 587-04(2014) : Standard Specification for Gypsum Veneer Plaster
ASTM    B 587-12 : Standard Specification for Welded Brass Tube
ASTM    B 588-88(2010) : Standard Test Method for Measurement of Thickness of Transparent or Opaque Coatings by Double-Beam Interference Microscope Technique
ASTM    A 588/A 588M-10 : Standard Specification for High-Strength Low-Alloy Structural Steel, up to 50 ksi [345 MPa] Minimum Yield Point, with Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance
ASTM    F 588-14 : Standard Test Methods for Measuring the Forced Entry Resistance of Window Assemblies, Excluding Glazing Impact
ASTM    E 588-03(2009) : Standard Practice for Detection of Large Inclusions in Bearing Quality Steel by the Ultrasonic Method
ASTM    F 589-12 : Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Non-Powder Guns
ASTM    A 589/A 589M-06(2012) : Standard Specification for Seamless and Welded Carbon Steel Water-Well Pipe
ASTM    B 589-94(2012) : Standard Specification for Refined Palladium
ASTM    F 590-12 : Standard Consumer Safety Specification for  Non-Powder Gun Projectiles and Propellants
ASTM    B 591-09 : Standard Specification for Copper-Zinc-Tin and Copper-Zinc-Tin-Iron-Nickel Alloys Plate, Sheet,  Strip, and Rolled Bar
ASTM    C 591-13 : Standard Specification for Unfaced Preformed Rigid Cellular Polyisocyanurate Thermal Insulation
ASTM    A 592/A 592M-10 : Standard Specification for High-Strength Quenched and Tempered Low-Alloy Steel Forged Parts for Pressure Vessels
ASTM    F 592-84(2012) : Standard Terminology of  Collated and Cohered Fasteners and Their Application Tools
ASTM    E 592-99(2009)e1 : Standard Guide to Obtainable ASTM Equivalent Penetrameter Sensitivity for Radiography of Steel Plates 1/4  to 2 in. (6 to 51 mm) Thick with X Rays and 1 to 6 in. (25 to 152 mm) Thick with Cobalt-60
ASTM    B 592-11 : Standard Specification for  Copper-Zinc-Aluminum-Cobalt Alloy, Copper-Zinc-Tin-Iron Alloy Plate, Sheet, Strip, and Rolled Bar
ASTM    C 592-13 : Standard Specification for Mineral Fiber Blanket Insulation and Blanket-Type Pipe Insulation (Metal-Mesh Covered) (Industrial Type)
ASTM    C 593-06(2011) : Standard Specification for Fly Ash and Other Pozzolans for Use With Lime for Soil Stabilization
ASTM    F 593-13A : Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Bolts, Hex Cap Screws, and Studs
ASTM    B 593-96(2009)e1 : Standard Test Method for Bending Fatigue Testing for Copper-Alloy Spring Materials
ASTM    B 594-13 : Standard Practice for Ultrasonic Inspection of Aluminum-Alloy Wrought Products
ASTM    F 594-09e1 : Standard Specification for  Stainless Steel Nuts
ASTM    E 594-96(2011) : Standard Practice for  Testing Flame Ionization Detectors Used in Gas or Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
ASTM    A 595/A 595M-14 : Standard Specification for Steel Tubes, Low-Carbon or High-Strength Low-Alloy, Tapered for Structural Use
ASTM    C 595/C 595M-14 : Standard Specification for Blended Hydraulic Cements
ASTM    E 595-07 : Standard Test Method for  Total Mass Loss and Collected Volatile Condensable Materials from Outgassing in a Vacuum Environment
ASTM    B 595-11 : Standard Specification for Sintered Aluminum Structural Parts
ASTM    B 596-89(2012) : Standard Specification for  Gold-Copper Alloy Electrical Contact Material
ASTM    A 596/A 596M-14 : Standard Test Method for Direct-Current Magnetic Properties of Materials Using the Ballistic Method and Ring Specimens
ASTM    E 596-96(2009) : Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Noise Reduction of Sound-Isolating Enclosures
ASTM    F 596-09 : Standard Practice for Comparative Evaluation of the Imaging Properties of Dry Electrostatic Toners
ASTM    D 596-01(2011) : Standard Guide for Reporting Results of Analysis of Water
ASTM    C 596-09 : Standard Test Method for Drying Shrinkage of Mortar Containing Hydraulic Cement
ASTM    A 597-87(2010) : Standard Specification for Cast Tool Steel
ASTM    C 597-09 : Standard Test Method for Pulse Velocity Through Concrete
ASTM    F 597-83(2008) : Standard Practice for  Evaluation of One-Time Carbon Paper in Carbon-Interleaved Business Forms by Use of an Electric Typewriter
ASTM    F 598-00(2009) : Standard Practice for Determining the Resistance of Carbonless Papers to Capsular Damage
ASTM    E 598-08 : Standard Test Method for Measuring Extreme Heat-Transfer Rates from High-Energy Environments Using a Transient, Null-Point Calorimeter
ASTM    B 598-14 : Standard Practice for Determining Offset Yield Strength in Tension for Copper Alloys
ASTM    C 598-93(2013) : Standard Test Method for Annealing Point and Strain Point of Glass by Beam Bending
ASTM    A 598/A 598M-02(2007) : Standard Test Method for Magnetic Properties of Magnetic Amplifier Cores
ASTM    A 599/A 599M-07(2012) : Standard Specification for Tin Mill Products, Electrolytic Tin-Coated, Cold-Rolled Sheet
ASTM    B 599-92(2009)e1 : Standard Specification for Nickel-Iron-Chromium-Molybdenum-Columbium Stabilized Alloy (UNS N08700) Plate, Sheet, and Strip
ASTM    A 600-92a(2010) : Standard Specification for Tool Steel High Speed
ASTM    C 600-85(2010) : Standard Test Method of Thermal Shock Test on Glass Pipe
ASTM    D 600-07(2012) : Standard Specification for Liquid Paint Driers
ASTM    B 600-11 : Standard Guide for  Descaling and Cleaning Titanium and Titanium Alloy Surfaces
ASTM    C 601-85(2010) : Standard Test Method for Pressure Test on Glass Pipe
ASTM    E 601-07A(2013) : Standard Test Method for Measuring Electromotive Force (emf) Stability of Base-Metal Thermoelement Materials with Time in Air
ASTM    A 601/A 601M-10 : Standard Specification for Electrolytic Manganese Metal
ASTM    F 601-13 : Standard Practice for Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection of Metallic Surgical Implants
ASTM    B 601-12 : Standard Classification for Temper Designations for Copper and Copper Alloys – Wrought and Cast


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