List of ASTM Standard 10901 to 11000

ASTM    D 5995-98(2010) : Standard Guide for  Environmental Site Characterization in Cold Regions
ASTM    D 5996-05(2009) : Standard Test Method for Measuring Anionic Contaminants in High-Purity Water by On-Line Ion Chromatography
ASTM    D 5997-96(2009) : Standard Test Method for On-Line Monitoring of Total Carbon, Inorganic Carbon in Water by Ultraviolet, Persulfate Oxidation, and Membrane Conductivity Detection
ASTM    D 5998-10 : Standard Specification for Molded Polyethylene Shipping and Storage Drums
ASTM    D 6000-96(2008) : Standard Guide for Presentation of Water-Level Information from Groundwater Sites
ASTM    D 6001-05(2012) : Standard Guide for Direct-Push Groundwater Sampling for Environmental Site Characterization
ASTM    D 6004-04(2011) : Standard Test Method for Determining Adhesive Shear Strength of Carpet Adhesives
ASTM    D 6005-03(2009) : Standard Test Method for  Determining Slump Resistance of Carpet Adhesives
ASTM    D 6006-11 : Standard Guide for Assessing Biodegradability of Hydraulic Fluids
ASTM    D 6007-02(2008) : Standard Test Method for Determining Formaldehyde Concentration in Air from Wood Products Using a Small Scale Chamber
ASTM    D 6008-96(2014) : Standard Practice for Conducting Environmental Baseline Surveys
ASTM    D 6009-12 : Standard Guide for  Sampling Waste Piles
ASTM    D 6010-12 : Standard Practice for Closed Vessel Microwave Solvent Extraction of Organic Compounds from Solid Matrices
ASTM    D 6011-96(2008) : Standard Test Method for  Determining the Performance of a Sonic Anemometer/Thermometer
ASTM    D 6012-03(2013) : Standard Test Method for Determination of Resistance of Leather to (Bleeding) Color Stain Transfer
ASTM    D 6013-00(2010) : Standard Test Method for Determination of Area Stability of Leather to Laundering
ASTM    D 6014-00(2010) : Standard Test Method for Determination of Dynamic Water Absorption of Leather Surfaces
ASTM    D 6015-14 : Standard Test Method for Static Water Absorption of Leather
ASTM    D 6016-06(2012) : Standard Test Method for  Determination of Nitrogen, Water Extractable in Leather
ASTM    D 6017-97(2009) : Standard Test Method for Determination of Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) in Leather
ASTM    D 6018-96(2012) : Standard Test Method for  Determining the Presence of Lead Salts in Leather
ASTM    D 6019-10 : Test Method for Determination of Chromic Oxide in Basic Chromium Tanning Liquors (Ammonium Persulfate Oxidation)
ASTM    D 6020-00(2010) : Standard Practice for Calculation of (Non-Mineral) Combined Tanning Agents and Degree of Tannage
ASTM    D 6021-12 : Standard Test Method for Measurement of Total Hydrogen Sulfide in Residual Fuels by Multiple Headspace Extraction and Sulfur Specific Detection
ASTM    D 6022-06(2012) : Standard Practice for Calculation of Permanent Shear Stability Index
ASTM    D 6023-07 : Standard Test Method for Density (Unit Weight), Yield, Cement Content, and Air Content (Gravimetric) of Controlled Low-Strength Material (CLSM)
ASTM    D 6024-07 : Standard Test Method for Ball Drop on Controlled Low Strength Material (CLSM) to Determine Suitability for Load Application
ASTM    D 6025-96(2008) : Standard Guide for Developing and Evaluating Groundwater Modeling Codes
ASTM    D 6026-13 : Standard Practice for Using Significant Digits in Geotechnical Data
ASTM    D 6028-96(2010)e1 : Standard Test Method (Analytical Procedure) for  Determining Hydraulic Properties of a Confined Aquifer Taking into Consideration Storage of Water in Leaky Confining Beds by Modified Hantush  Method
ASTM    D 6029-96(2010)e1 : Standard Test Method (Analytical Procedure) for  Determining Hydraulic Properties of a Confined Aquifer and a Leaky Confining Bed with Negligible Storage by the Hantush-Jacob Method
ASTM    D 6030-96(2008) : Standard Guide for Selection of Methods for Assessing Groundwater or Aquifer Sensitivity and Vulnerability
ASTM    D 6031/D 6031M-96(2010)e1 : Standard Test Method for  Logging In Situ Moisture Content and Density of Soil and Rock by the Nuclear Method in Horizontal, Slanted, and Vertical Access Tubes
ASTM    D 6032-08 : Standard Test Method for  Determining Rock Quality Designation (RQD) of Rock Core
ASTM    D 6033-96(2008) : Standard Guide for Describing the Functionality of a Groundwater Modeling Code
ASTM    D 6034-96(2010)e1 : Standard Test Method (Analytical Procedure) for  Determining the Efficiency of a Production Well in a Confined Aquifer from a Constant Rate Pumping Test
ASTM    D 6035/D 6035M-13 : Standard Test Method for Determining the Effect of Freeze-Thaw on Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted or Intact Soil Specimens Using a Flexible Wall Permeameter
ASTM    D 6036-96(2008) : Standard Guide for  Displaying the Results of Chemical Analyses of Groundwater for Major Ions and Trace Elements<char: emdash>Use of Maps
ASTM    D 6037-13E1 : Standard Test Methods for Dry Abrasion Mar Resistance of High Gloss Coatings
ASTM    D 6038-14 : Standard Test Methods for Determining the Compatibility of Resin/Solvent Mixtures by Precipitation Temperature (Cloud Point)
ASTM    D 6039/D 6039M-11 : Standard Specification for  Open and Covered Wood Crates
ASTM    D 6040-12 : Standard Guide to Standard Test Methods for Unsintered Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Extruded Film or Tape
ASTM    D 6041-11 : Standard Specification for Contact-Molded <span class=’unicode’>&#x201C;</span>Fiberglass<span class=’unicode’>&#x201D;</span> (Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Thermosetting Resin) Corrosion Resistant Pipe and Fittings
ASTM    D 6042-09 : Standard Test Method for Determination of Phenolic Antioxidants and Erucamide Slip Additives in Polypropylene Homopolymer Formulations Using Liquid Chromatography (LC)
ASTM    D 6044-96(2009) : Standard Guide for Representative Sampling for Management of Waste and Contaminated Media
ASTM    D 6045-12 : Standard Test Method for Color of Petroleum Products by the Automatic Tristimulus Method
ASTM    D 6046-02(2012) : Standard Classification of Hydraulic Fluids for Environmental Impact
ASTM    D 6047-99(2009) : Standard Test Methods for Rubber, Raw–Determination of 5-Ethylidenenorbornene (ENB) or Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD)  in Ethylene-Propylene-Diene (EPDM) Terpolymers
ASTM    D 6048-07(2012) : Standard Practice for Stress Relaxation Testing of Raw Rubber, Unvulcanized Rubber Compounds, and Thermoplastic Elastomers
ASTM    D 6049-03(2013) : Standard Test Method for Rubber Property – Measurement of the Viscous and Elastic Behavior of Unvulcanized Raw Rubbers and Rubber Compounds by Compression Between Parallel Plates
ASTM    D 6050-09 : Standard Test Method for Determination of Insoluble Solids in Organic Liquid Hazardous Waste
ASTM    D 6051-96(2006) : Standard Guide for Composite Sampling and Field Subsampling for Environmental Waste Management Activities
ASTM    D 6052-97(2008) : Standard Test Method for  Preparation and Elemental Analysis of Liquid Hazardous Waste by Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence
ASTM    D 6053-08 : Standard Test Method for  Determination of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Content of Electrical Insulating Varnishes
ASTM    D 6055-96(2014) : Standard Test Methods for Mechanical Handling of Unitized Loads and Large Shipping Cases and Crates
ASTM    D 6056-96(2011) : Standard Test Method for  Determining Concentration of Airborne Single-Crystal Ceramic Whiskers in the Workplace Environment by Transmission Electron Microscopy
ASTM    D 6057-96(2011) : Standard Test Method for  Determining Concentration of Airborne Single-Crystal Ceramic Whiskers in the Workplace Environment by Phase Contrast Microscopy
ASTM    D 6058-96(2011) : Standard Practice for  Determining Concentration of Airborne Single-Crystal Ceramic Whiskers in the Workplace Environment
ASTM    D 6059-96(2011) : Standard Test Method for  Determining Concentration of Airborne Single-Crystal Ceramic Whiskers in the Workplace Environment by Scanning Electron Microscopy
ASTM    D 6060-96(2009) : Standard Practice for Sampling of Process Vents With a Portable Gas Chromatograph
ASTM    D 6061-01(2012)e1 : Standard Practice for Evaluating the Performance of Respirable Aerosol Samplers
ASTM    D 6062-07(2012) : Standard Guide for Personal Samplers of Health-Related Aerosol Fractions
ASTM    D 6063-11 : Standard Guide for Sampling of Drums and Similar Containers by Field Personnel
ASTM    D 6064-11 : Standard Specification for HFC-227ea, 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane (CF<sub>3</sub>CHFCF<sub>3</sub>)
ASTM    D 6065-11 : Standard Practice for  Handling, Transportation, and Storage of HFC-227ea 1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane (CF<sub>3</sub>CHFCF<sub>3</sub>)
ASTM    D 6066-11 : Standard Practice for  Determining the Normalized Penetration Resistance of Sands for Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential
ASTM    D 6067-10 : Standard Practice for  Using the Electronic Piezocone Penetrometer Tests for Environmental Site Characterization
ASTM    D 6088-06(2011) : Standard Practice for Installation of Geocomposite Pavement Drains
ASTM    D 6068-10 : Standard Test Method for Determining J-R Curves of Plastic Materials
ASTM    D 6069-01(2006) : Standard Test Method for Trace Nitrogen in Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Oxidative Combustion and Reduced Pressure Chemiluminescence Detection
ASTM    D 6070-02(2010) : Standard Test Methods for Physical Properties of Smooth-Wall, Coilable, Polyethylene (PE) Conduit (Duct) for Preassembled Wire and Cable
ASTM    D 6071-13 : Standard Test Method for Low Level Sodium in High Purity Water by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
ASTM    D 6072/D 6072M-09 : Standard Practice for Obtaining Samples of Geosynthetic Clay Liners
ASTM    D 6073-08A(2013) : Standard Test Method for Relative Setting of Heatset Printing Inks
ASTM    D 6074-08 : Standard Guide for Characterizing Hydrocarbon Lubricant Base Oils
ASTM    D 6075-13 : Standard Test Method for Cracking Resistance of Leather
ASTM    D 6076-08(2013) : Standard Test Method for Shrinkage Temperature of Leather
ASTM    D 6077-10 : Standard Test Method for Trapezoid Tearing Strength of Leather
ASTM    D 6078-04(2010) : Standard Test Method for Evaluating Lubricity of Diesel Fuels by the Scuffing Load Ball-on-Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator (SLBOCLE)
ASTM    D 6079-11 : Standard Test Method for Evaluating Lubricity of Diesel Fuels by the High-Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR)
ASTM    D 6080-12A : Standard Practice for Defining the Viscosity Characteristics of Hydraulic Fluids
ASTM    D 6081-98(2009) : Standard Practice for Aquatic Toxicity Testing of Lubricants: Sample Preparation and Results Interpretation
ASTM    D 6082-12 : Standard Test Method for High Temperature Foaming Characteristics of Lubricating Oils
ASTM    D 6084/D 6084M-13 : Standard Test Method for Elastic Recovery of Asphalt Materials by Ductilometer
ASTM    D 6085-97(2011) : Standard Practice for  Sampling in Rubber Testing<char: emdash>Terminology and Basic Concepts
ASTM    D 6086-09a : Standard Test Method for  Carbon Black<span class=’unicode’>&#x2014;</span>Void Volume (VV)
ASTM    D 6087-08 : Standard Test Method for Evaluating Asphalt-Covered Concrete Bridge Decks Using Ground Penetrating Radar
ASTM    D 6089-97(2010) : Standard Guide for Documenting a Groundwater Sampling Event
ASTM    D 6090-12 : Standard Test Method for Softening Point Resins (Mettler Cup and Ball Method)
ASTM    D 6091-07(2014) : Standard Practice for 99 %/95 % Interlaboratory Detection Estimate (IDE) for Analytical Methods with Negligible Calibration Error
ASTM    D 6092-14 : Standard Practice for Specifying Standard Sizes of Stone for Erosion Control
ASTM    D 6093-97(2011) : Standard Test Method for Percent Volume Nonvolatile Matter in Clear or Pigmented Coatings Using a Helium Gas Pycnometer
ASTM    D 6095-12 : Standard Test Method for Longitudinal Measurement of Volume Resistivity for Extruded Crosslinked and Thermoplastic Semiconducting Conductor and Insulation Shielding Materials
ASTM    D 6096-11 : Standard Specification for Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Insulation for Wire and Cable, 90<span class=’unicode’>&#x00B0;</span>C Operation
ASTM    D 6097-01a(2008)e1 : Standard Test Method for Relative Resistance to Vented Water-Tree Growth in Solid Dielectric Insulating Materials
ASTM    D 6098-10 : Standard Specification for Extruded and Compression Molded Shapes Made from Polycarbonate (PC)
ASTM    D 6099-13 : Standard Test Method for Polyurethane Raw Materials: Determination of Acidity in Moderate to High Acidity Aromatic Isocyanates
ASTM    D 6100-14 : Standard Specification for Extruded, Compression Molded and Injection Molded Polyoxymethylene Shapes (POM)
ASTM    D 6102-12 : Standard Guide for Installation of Geosynthetic Clay Liners
ASTM    D 6104-97(2011) : Standard Practice for Determining the Performance of Oil/Water Separators Subjected to Surface Run-Off


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