List of ASTM Standard 10601 to 10700

ASTM    D 5615-07e1 : Standard Test Method for Operating Characteristics of Home Reverse Osmosis Devices
ASTM    D 5616-04(2010) : Standard Specification for Reclaimed Trichloroethylene
ASTM    D 5617-04(2010) : Standard Test Method for Multi-Axial Tension Test for Geosynthetics
ASTM    D 5618-94(2011) : Standard Test Method for Measurement of Barnacle Adhesion Strength in Shear
ASTM    D 5619-00(2011) : Standard Test Method for Comparing Metal Removal Fluids Using the Tapping Torque Test Machine
ASTM    D 5621-07(2013) : Standard Test Method for Sonic Shear Stability of Hydraulic Fluids
ASTM    D 5622-95(2011) : Standard Test Methods for Determination of Total Oxygen in Gasoline and Methanol Fuels by Reductive Pyrolysis
ASTM    D 5623-94(2014) : Standard Test Method for Sulfur Compounds in Light Petroleum Liquids by Gas Chromatography and Sulfur Selective Detection
ASTM    D 5624-13 : Standard Practice for Determining the Transverse-Aggregate Spread Rate for Surface Treatment Applications
ASTM    D 5627-94(2009)e1 : Standard Test Method for Water Extractable Residue from Particulate Ion-Exchange Resins
ASTM    D 5628-10 : Standard Test Method for Impact Resistance of Flat, Rigid Plastic Specimens by Means of a Falling Dart (Tup or Falling Mass)
ASTM    D 5629-11 : Standard Test Method for Polyurethane Raw Materials  Determination of Acidity in Low-Acidity Aromatic Isocyanates and Polyurethane Prepolymers
ASTM    D 5630-13 : Standard Test Method for Ash Content in Plastics
ASTM    D 5631-11 : Standard Practice for Handling, Transportation, and Storage of Halon 1301, Bromotrifluoromethane (CF<sub>3</sub>Br)
ASTM    D 5632/D 5632M-12E1 : Standard Specification for Halon 1301, Bromotrifluoromethane (CF3Br)
ASTM    D 5633-04(2012) : Standard Practice for Sampling with a Scoop
ASTM    D 5635/D 5635M-11 : Standard Test Method for Dynamic Puncture Resistance of Roofing Membrane Specimens
ASTM    D 5636/D 5636M-94(2011)e1 : Standard Test Method for Low Temperature Unrolling of Felt or Sheet Roofing and Waterproofing Materials
ASTM    D 5637-05(2012) : Standard Test Method for  Moisture Resistance of Electrical Insulating Varnishes
ASTM    D 5638-05(2010) : Standard Test Method for Chemical Resistance of Electrical Insulating Varnishes
ASTM    D 5639/D 5639M-11 : Standard Practice for Selection of Corrugated Fiberboard Materials and Box Construction Based on Performance Requirements
ASTM    D 5640-95(2014) : Standard Guide for Selection of Weirs and Flumes for Open-Channel Flow Measurement of Water
ASTM    D 5641-94(2011) : Standard Practice for Geomembrane Seam Evaluation by Vacuum Chamber
ASTM    D 5642-09 : Standard Test Method for Sealed Tube Chemical Compatibility Test
ASTM    D 5643/D 5643M-06 (Reapproved 2012)e1 : Standard Specification for Coal Tar Roof Cement, Asbestos Free
ASTM    D 5644-01(2013) : Standard Test Methods for Rubber Compounding Materials – Determination of Particle Size Distribution of Recycled Vulcanizate Particulate Rubber
ASTM    D 5646-13 : Standard Terminology Relating to Seams and Stitches Used in Home Sewing
ASTM    D 5647-07(2012) : Standard Guide for Measuring Hairiness of Yarns by the Photo-Electric Apparatus
ASTM    D 5648-01(2014) : Standard Test Method for Torque-Tension Relationship of Adhesives Used on Threaded Fasteners (Lubricity)
ASTM    D 5649-01(2008) : Standard Test Method for  Torque Strength of Adhesives Used on Threaded Fasteners
ASTM    D 5651-13 : Standard Test Method for Surface Bond Strength of Wood-Base Fiber and Particle Panel Materials
ASTM    D 5652-95(2013) : Standard Test Methods for Bolted Connections in Wood and Wood-Based Products
ASTM    D 5656-10 : Standard Test Method for Thick-Adherend Metal Lap-Shear Joints for Determination of the Stress-Strain Behavior of Adhesives in Shear by Tension Loading
ASTM    D 5657-07(2014) : Standard Test Method for Fluid Tightness Ability of Adhesives Used on Threaded Fasteners
ASTM    D 5658-13 : Standard Practice for Sampling Unconsolidated Waste From Trucks
ASTM    D 5659-95(2006) : Standard Test Method for Chlorophenoxy Acid Herbicides in Waste Using HPLC
ASTM    D 5660-96(2009) : Standard Test Method for Assessing the Microbial Detoxification of Chemically Contaminated Water and Soil Using a Toxicity Test with a Luminescent Marine Bacterium
ASTM    D 5662-13 : Standard Test Method for Determining Automotive Gear Oil Compatibility with Typical Oil Seal Elastomers
ASTM    D 5663-97(2011) : Standard Guide for  Validating Recycled Content in Packaging Paper and Paperboard
ASTM    D 5664-10 : Standard Test Method for Evaluating the Effects of Fire-Retardant Treatments and Elevated Temperatures on Strength Properties of Fire-Retardant Treated Lumber
ASTM    D 5665/D 5665M-99A(2014)E1 : Standard Specification for Thermoplastic Fabrics Used in Cold-Applied Roofing and Waterproofing
ASTM    D 5666-95(2009) : Standard Test Method for P-Phenylenediamine Antidegradants-Purity by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
ASTM    D 5667-95(2010) : Standard Test Method for Rubber From Synthetic Sources-Total and Water Soluble Ash
ASTM    D 5668-09 : Standard Test Methods for Rubber From Synthetic Sources-Volatile Matter
ASTM    D 5670-95(2009) : Standard Test Method for Rubber-Determination of Residual Unsaturation in Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber (HNBR) by Infrared Spectrophotometry
ASTM    D 5671-95(2011) : Standard Practice for Polishing and Etching Coal Samples for Microscopical Analysis by Reflected Light
ASTM    D 5672-09 : Standard Test Method for Testing Flexible Cellular Materials Measurement of Indentation Force Deflection Using a 25-mm (1-in.) Deflection Technique
ASTM    D 5673-10 : Standard Test Method for Elements in Water by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry
ASTM    D 5674-95(2014) : Standard Guide for Operation of a Gaging Station
ASTM    D 5675-13 : Standard Classification for Low Molecular Weight PTFE and FEP Micronized Powders
ASTM    D 5677-05(2010) : Standard Specification for Fiberglass (Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Thermosetting-Resin) Pipe and Pipe Fittings, Adhesive Bonded Joint Type, for Aviation Jet Turbine Fuel Lines
ASTM    D 5678-95(2008) : Standard Test Method for  Freeze/Thaw Resistance of Wax Emulsion Floor Polish
ASTM    D 5679-95A(2012) : Standard Practice for Sampling Consolidated Solids in Drums or Similar Containers
ASTM    D 5680-14 : Standard Practice for Sampling Unconsolidated Solids in Drums or Similar Containers
ASTM    D 5681-13 : Standard Terminology for Waste and Waste Management
ASTM    D 5682-08(2012) : Standard Test Methods for Electrical Resistivity of Liquid Paint and Related Materials
ASTM    D 5683/D 5683M-95(2011)e1 : Standard Test Method for Flexibility of Roofing and Waterproofing Materials and Membranes
ASTM    D 5684-12 : Standard Terminology Relating to Pile Floor Coverings
ASTM    D 5685-11 : Standard Specification for “Fiberglass” (Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Thermosetting-Resin) Pressure Pipe Fittings
ASTM    D 5687/D 5687M-95(2007) : Standard Guide for Preparation of Flat Composite Panels with Processing Guidelines for Specimen Preparation
ASTM    D 5702-07(2012) : Standard Practice for Field Sampling of Coating Films for Analysis for Heavy Metals
ASTM    D 5703-95(2013) : Standard Practice for Preparatory Surface Cleaning for Clay Brick Masonry
ASTM    D 5704-13A : Standard Test Method for Evaluation of the Thermal and Oxidative Stability of Lubricating Oils Used for Manual Transmissions and Final Drive Axles
ASTM    D 5705-14 : Standard Test Method for Measurement of Hydrogen Sulfide in the Vapor Phase Above Residual Fuel Oils
ASTM    D 5706-11 : Standard Test Method for Determining Extreme Pressure Properties of Lubricating Greases Using a High-Frequency, Linear-Oscillation (SRV) Test Machine
ASTM    D 5707-11 : Standard Test Method for Measuring Friction and Wear Properties of Lubricating Grease Using a High-Frequency, Linear-Oscillation (SRV) Test Machine
ASTM    D 5708-12 : Standard Test Methods for Determination of Nickel, Vanadium, and Iron in Crude Oils and Residual Fuels by Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Atomic Emission Spectrometry
ASTM    D 5709-09 : Standard Test Method for Sieve Analysis of Petroleum Coke
ASTM    D 5710/D 5710M-13 : Standard Specification for Trinidad Lake Modified Asphalt
ASTM    D 5712-10 : Standard Test Method for Analysis of Aqueous Extractable Protein in Natural Rubber and Its Products Using the Modified Lowry Method
ASTM    D 5713-14 : Standard Test Method for Analysis of High Purity Benzene for Cyclohexane Feedstock by Capillary Gas Chromatography
ASTM    D 5715-00(2006) : Standard Test Method for Estimating the Degree of Humification of Peat and Other Organic Soils (Visual/Manual Method)
ASTM    D 5716-95(2006) : Standard Test Method for  Measuring the Rate of Well Discharge by Circular Orifice Weir
ASTM    D 5718-13 : Standard Guide for Documenting a Groundwater Flow Model Application
ASTM    D 5719-13 : Standard Guide for Simulation of Subsurface Airflow Using Groundwater Flow Modeling Codes
ASTM    D 5720-95(2009) : Standard Practice for Static Calibration of Electronic Transducer-Based Pressure Measurement Systems for Geotechnical Purposes
ASTM    D 5721-08(2013) : Standard Practice for Air-Oven Aging of Polyolefin Geomembranes
ASTM    D 5722-08 : Standard Practice for Performing Accelerated Outdoor Weathering of Factory- Coated Embossed Hardboard Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight and a Soak-Freeze-Thaw Procedure
ASTM    D 5723-95(2010) : Standard Practice for Determination of Chromium Treatment Weight on Metal Substrates by X-Ray Fluorescence
ASTM    D 5724-06(2010) : Standard Specification for Gouache Paints
ASTM    D 5726-98(2013) : Standard Specification for Thermoplastic Fabrics Used in Hot-Applied Roofing and Waterproofing
ASTM    D 5727/D 5727M-00(2011)e1 : Standard Specification for Emulsified Refined Coal Tar (Mineral Colloid Type)
ASTM    D 5728-12 : Standard Practices for  Securement of Cargo in Intermodal and Unimodal Surface Transport
ASTM    D 5731-08 : Standard Test Method for  Determination of the Point Load Strength Index of Rock and Application to Rock Strength Classifications
ASTM    D 5737/D 5737M-14 : Standard Guide for Methods for Measuring Well Discharge
ASTM    D 5738-95(2006) : Standard Guide for  Displaying the Results of Chemical Analyses of Groundwater for Major Ions and Trace Elements<char: emdash>Diagrams for Single Analyses
ASTM    D 5739-06(2013) : Standard Practice for Oil Spill Source Identification by Gas Chromatography and Positive Ion Electron Impact Low Resolution Mass Spectrometry
ASTM    D 5740-11 : Standard Guide for  Writing Material Standards in the Classification D4000 Format
ASTM    D 5741-96(2011) : Standard Practice for  Characterizing Surface Wind Using a Wind Vane and Rotating Anemometer
ASTM    D 5742-95(2010) : Standard Test Method for Determination of Butane Activity of Activated Carbon
ASTM    D 5743-97(2013) : Standard Practice for Sampling Single or Multilayered Liquids, With or Without Solids, in Drums or Similar Containers
ASTM    D 5744-13E1 : Standard Test Method for Laboratory Weathering of Solid Materials Using a Humidity Cell
ASTM    D 5745-09 : Standard Guide for Developing and Implementing Short-Term Measures or Early Actions for Site Remediation
ASTM    D 5746-98(2010) : Standard Classification of Environmental Condition of Property Area Types for Defense Base Closure and Realignment Facilities
ASTM    D 5747/D 5747M-08(2013)E1 : Standard Practice for Tests to Evaluate the Chemical Resistance of Geomembranes to Liquids
ASTM    D 5748-95(2012) : Standard Test Method for  Protrusion Puncture Resistance of Stretch Wrap Film
ASTM    D 5749-01(2012) : Standard Specification for  Reinforced and Plain Gummed Tape for Sealing and Securing
ASTM    D 5750/D 5750M-95(2012) : Standard Guide for  Width and Length of Pressure-Sensitive Tape
ASTM    D 5751-99(2012) : Standard Specification for Adhesives Used for Laminate Joints in Nonstructural Lumber Products
ASTM    D 5752-10 : Standard Specification for Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) for Use in Precharging Coolants for Heavy-Duty Engines


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