List of ASTM Standard 10101 to 10200

ASTM    D 5040-90(2011) : Standard Test Methods for Ash Content of Adhesives
ASTM    D 5041-98(2012) : Standard Test Method for Fracture Strength in Cleavage of Adhesives in Bonded Joints
ASTM    D 5042-90(2009) : Standard Test Method for Estimating the Organic Fouling of Particulate Anion Exchange Resins
ASTM    D 5043-04(2009) : Standard Practice for Field Identification of Coatings
ASTM    D 5044-06(2012) : Standard Test Method for Rubber Compounding Materials – Free 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) in Benzothiazyl Disulfide (MBTS)
ASTM    D 5045-99(2007)e1 : Standard Test Methods for Plane-Strain Fracture Toughness and Strain Energy Release Rate of Plastic Materials
ASTM    D 5047-09 : Standard Specification for Polyethylene Terephthalate Film and Sheeting
ASTM    D 5048-14 : Standard Test Method for Measuring the Comparative Burning Characteristics and Resistance to Burn-Through of Solid Plastics Using a 125-mm Flame
ASTM    D 5050-08 : Standard Guide for Commercial Use of Lime Kiln Dusts and Portland Cement Kiln Dusts
ASTM    D 5051-06(2012) : Standard Test Method for Rubber Compounding Materials – Benzothiazyl Disulfide (MBTS) – Assay
ASTM    D 5052-00(2010) : Standard Test Method for Permeability of Leather to Water Vapor
ASTM    D 5053-03(2009) : Standard Test Method for Colorfastness of Crocking of Leather
ASTM    D 5054-90(2009) : Standard Test Method for Rubber Chemicals-Diphenyl Guanidine (DPG) and Di-o-tolyl-guanidine (DOTG) Assay
ASTM    D 5055-13E1 : Standard Specification for Establishing and Monitoring Structural Capacities of Prefabricated Wood I-Joists
ASTM    D 5056-04(2010) : Standard Test Method for Trace Metals in Petroleum Coke by Atomic Absorption
ASTM    D 5057-10 : Standard Test Method for Screening Apparent Specific Gravity and Bulk Density of Waste
ASTM    D 5058-12 : Standard Practices for Compatibility of Screening Analysis of Waste
ASTM    D 5059-14 : Standard Test Methods for Lead in Gasoline by X-Ray Spectroscopy
ASTM    D 5060-12 : Standard Test Method for Determining Impurities in High-Purity Ethylbenzene by Gas Chromatography
ASTM    D 5061-07 : Standard Test Method for Microscopical Determination of the Textural Components of Metallurgical Coke
ASTM    D 5062-09 : Standard Test Method for Resin Solution Dilutability by Volumetric/Gravimetric Determination
ASTM    D 5063-90(2012) : Standard Guide for Use of Certification of Coating Conformance Form
ASTM    D 5064-07(2012) : Standard Practice for Conducting a Patch Test to Assess Coating Compatibility
ASTM    D 5065-13 : Standard Guide for Assessing the Condition of Aged Coatings on Steel Surfaces
ASTM    D 5066-91(2011)E1 : Standard Test Method for Determination of the Transfer Efficiency Under Production Conditions for Spray Application of Automotive Paints – Weight Basis
ASTM    D 5067-05(2010) : Standard Specification for Artists’ Watercolor Paints
ASTM    D 5068-04(2013) : Standard Practice for Preparation of Paint Brushes for Evaluation
ASTM    D 5069/D 5069M-13 : Standard Practice for Preparation of Paint-Roller Covers for Evaluation of Architectural Coatings
ASTM    D 5070-90(2014) : Standard Test Method for Synthetic Quaternary Ammonium Salts in Fabric Softeners by Potentiometric Titrations
ASTM    D 5071-06(2013) : Standard Practice for Exposure of Photodegradable Plastics in a Xenon Arc Apparatus
ASTM    D 5072-09E1 : Standard Test Method for Radon in Drinking Water
ASTM    D 5073-02(2013) : Standard Practice for Depth Measurement of Surface Water
ASTM    D 5074-90(2014) : Standard Practice for Preparation of Natural-Matrix Sediment Reference Samples for Major and Trace Inorganic Constituents Analysis by Partial Extraction Procedures
ASTM    D 5075-01(2012)e1 : Standard Test Method for Nicotine and 3-Ethenylpyridine in Indoor Air
ASTM    D 5076/D 5076M-13 : Standard Test Method for Measuring Voids in Roofing and Waterproofing Membranes
ASTM    D 5077-90(2009) : Standard Terminology Relating to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Packaging Materials
ASTM    D 5078/D 5078M-11 : Standard Specification for Crack Filler, Hot-Applied, for Asphalt Concrete and Portland Cement Concrete Pavements
ASTM    D 5079-08 : Standard Practices for Preserving and Transporting Rock Core Samples
ASTM    D 5080-08 : Standard Test Method for Rapid Determination of Percent Compaction
ASTM    D 5081/D 5081M-90(2011)e1 : Standard Test Method for Aggregate Layer Hiding Power
ASTM    D 5083-10 : Standard Test Method for  Tensile Properties of Reinforced Thermosetting Plastics Using Straight-Sided Specimens
ASTM    D 5084-10 : Standard Test Methods for Measurement of Hydraulic Conductivity of Saturated Porous Materials Using a Flexible Wall Permeameter
ASTM    D 5085-02(2013) : Standard Test Method for Determination of Chloride, Nitrate, and Sulfate in Atmospheric Wet Deposition by Chemically Suppressed Ion Chromatography
ASTM    D 5086-01(2013) : Standard Test Method for Determination of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium in Atmospheric Wet Deposition by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry
ASTM    D 5087-02(2008) : Standard Test Method for  Determining Amount of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Released from  Solventborne Automotive Coatings and Available for Removal in a VOC Control  Device (Abatement)
ASTM    D 5088-02(2008) : Standard Practice for Decontamination of Field Equipment Used at Waste Sites
ASTM    D 5089-95(2014) : Standard Test Method for Velocity Measurements of Water in Open Channels with Electromagnetic Current Meters
ASTM    D 5090-07 : Standard Practice for Standardizing Ultrafiltration Permeate Flow Performance Data
ASTM    D 5091-95(2014) : Standard Guide for Water Analysis for Electrodialysis/Electrodialysis Reversal Applications
ASTM    D 5092-04(2010)e1 : Standard Practice for Design and Installation of Groundwater Monitoring Wells
ASTM    D 5093-02(2008) : Standard Test Method for Field Measurement of Infiltration Rate Using Double-Ring Infiltrometer with Sealed-Inner Ring
ASTM    D 5094/D 5094M-09 : Standard Test Methods for Gross Leakage of Liquids from Containers with Threaded or Lug-Style Closures
ASTM    D 5095-91(2013) : Standard Test Method for Determination of the Nonvolatile Content in Silanes, Siloxanes and Silane-Siloxane Blends Used in Masonry Water Repellent Treatments
ASTM    D 5096-02(2011) : Standard Test Method for Determining the Performance of a Cup Anemometer or Propeller Anemometer
ASTM    D 5098-05a(2010) : Standard Specification for Artists’ Acrylic Dispersion Paints
ASTM    D 5099-08(2013) : Standard Test Methods for Rubber – Measurement of Processing Properties Using Capillary Rheometry
ASTM    D 5100/D 5100M-95a(2010)e1 : Standard Test Method for Adhesion of Mineral Aggregate to Hot Bitumen
ASTM    D 5101-12 : Standard Test Method for Measuring the Filtration Compatibility of Soil-Geotextile Systems
ASTM    D 5102-09 : Standard Test Method for Unconfined Compressive Strength of Compacted Soil-Lime Mixtures
ASTM    D 5103-07(2012) : Standard Test Method for Length and Length Distribution of Manufactured Staple Fibers (Single-Fiber Test)
ASTM    D 5105-05(2011) : Standard Practice for  Performing Accelerated Outdoor Weathering of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight
ASTM    D 5106-13 : Standard Specification for Steel Slag Aggregates for Bituminous Paving Mixtures
ASTM    D 5107-03(2013) : Standard Practice for Preparatory Surface Cleaning of Architectural Sandstone
ASTM    D 5108-90(2007) : Standard Test Method for Organotin Release Rates of Antifouling Coating Systems in Sea Water
ASTM    D 5109-12 : Standard Test Methods for Copper-Clad Thermosetting Laminates for Printed Wiring Boards
ASTM    D 5110-98(2010) : Standard Practice for Calibration of Ozone Monitors and Certification of Ozone Transfer Standards Using Ultraviolet Photometry
ASTM    D 5111-12 : Standard Guide for Choosing Locations and Sampling Methods to Monitor Atmospheric Deposition at Non-Urban Locations
ASTM    D 5112-98(2009) : Standard Test Method for Vibration (Horizontal Linear Sinusoidal Motion) Test of Products
ASTM    D 5113-97(2011)e1 : Standard Test Method for Determining Adhesive Attack on Rigid Cellular Foam
ASTM    D 5114-90(2010) : Standard Test Method for Laboratory Froth Flotation of Coal in a Mechanical Cell
ASTM    D 5116-10 : Standard Guide for Small-Scale Environmental Chamber Determinations of Organic Emissions From Indoor Materials/Products
ASTM    D 5117-09 : Standard Test Method for Dye Penetration of Solid Fiberglass Reinforced Pultruded Stock
ASTM    D 5118/D 5118M-12 : Standard Practice for Fabrication of Fiberboard Shipping Boxes
ASTM    D 5120-90(2009) : Standard Test Method for Inhibition of Respiration in Microbial Cultures in the Activated Sludge Process
ASTM    D 5121-10 : Standard Practice for Preparation of Rock Slabs for Durability Testing
ASTM    D 5124-96(2013) : Standard Practice for Testing and Use of a Random Number Generator in Lumber and Wood Products Simulation
ASTM    D 5125-10 : Standard Test Method for Viscosity of Paints and Related Materials by ISO Flow Cups
ASTM    D 5126/D 5126M-90(2010)e1 : Standard Guide for Comparison of Field Methods for Determining Hydraulic Conductivity in Vadose Zone
ASTM    D 5127-13 : Standard Guide for Ultra-Pure Water Used in the Electronics and Semiconductor Industries
ASTM    D 5128-14 : Standard Test Method for On-Line pH Measurement of Water of Low Conductivity
ASTM    D 5129-95(2014) : Standard Test Method for Open Channel Flow Measurement of Water Indirectly by Using Width Contractions
ASTM    D 5130-95(2014) : Standard Test Method for Open-Channel Flow Measurement of Water Indirectly by Slope-Area Method
ASTM    D 5131-90(2014) : Standard Guide for Record Keeping for Electrodialysis/Electrodialysis Reversal Systems
ASTM    D 5132-11 : Standard Test Method for Horizontal Burning Rate of Polymeric Materials Used in Occupant Compartments of Motor Vehicles
ASTM    D 5133-13 : Standard Test Method for Low Temperature, Low Shear Rate, Viscosity/Temperature Dependence of Lubricating Oils Using a Temperature-Scanning Technique
ASTM    D 5134-13 : Standard Test Method for Detailed Analysis of Petroleum Naphthas through n-Nonane by Capillary Gas Chromatography
ASTM    D 5135-14 : Standard Test Method for Analysis of Styrene by Capillary Gas Chromatography
ASTM    D 5136-09(2013) : Standard Specification for High Purity p-Xylene
ASTM    D 5137-07(2013) : Standard Specification for Hexyl Acetate
ASTM    D 5138-11 : Standard Classification System and Basis for Specification for Liquid Crystal Polymers Molding and Extrusion Materials (LCP)
ASTM    D 5139-12 : Standard Specification for Sample Preparation for Qualification Testing of Coatings to be Used in Nuclear Power Plants
ASTM    D 5141-11 : Standard Test Method for Determining Filtering Efficiency and Flow Rate of the Filtration Component of a Sediment Retention Device
ASTM    D 5143-06(2010)e1 : Standard Test Method for Analysis of Nitroaromatic and Nitramine Explosive in Soil by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
ASTM    D 5144-08e1 : Standard Guide for Use of Protective Coating Standards in Nuclear Power Plants
ASTM    D 5145-09 : Standard Test Methods for Nonvolatile and Pigment Content of Electrocoat Baths
ASTM    D 5146-10 : Standard Guide to Testing Solvent-Borne Architectural Coatings
ASTM    D 5147/D 5147M-14 : Standard Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Modified Bituminous Sheet Material
ASTM    D 5148-10 : Standard Test Method for Centrifuge Kerosine Equivalent
ASTM    D 5149-02(2008) : Standard Test Method for Ozone in the Atmosphere: Continuous Measurement by Ethylene Chemiluminescence
ASTM    D 5150-92(2013) : Standard Test Method for Hiding Power of Architectural Paints Applied by Roller


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