FTIR Analysis Testing Lab

Infrared spectroscopy is a simple and rapid technique used in research as well as industry for measurement  and quality control in organic analysis.

As compared to the very few absorption peaks seen in UV-VIS area for most compounds, the infrared spectrum offers a wide range of absorption brands. The use of FTIR Testing is done widely and has various applications.

Due to the advances in the interferometer designs and electronics, FTIR spectroscopy has arose as a technique that truly provides material fingerprints in just few seconds.

The features of the FTIR Analysis Testing Lab, this testing is today the best method for right identification of chemical compound.

What Is FTIR Testing?

FTIR also known as Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy is an easy way that helps you to understand various products and materials via data analysis, profiles, and analytical sample screens.

Simply speaking, FTIR testing is a process of identifying chemical compounds existing in paints,pharmaceutical products,coatings,food items,consumer products,polymers, etc.

As mentioned earlier, FTIR analysis is performed in FTIR Analysis Testing Lab for organic as well as inorganic samples that require both qualitative and quantitative examination.

Working of FTIR Analysis Testing

The FTIR Analysis Testing is done to determine all the molecules in chemical bonds by creating an infrared absorption spectrum. At this step, a profile gets generated of the taken sample.

This typical molecular footprint enables easy screening and scanning of samples for finding out the number of elements in them. Hence, FTIR Analysis Testing can be used for illustrating the information of covalent bonds and functional groups.

It means the instrument here creates an infrared absorption spectrum to check out critical details about the molecular structure of the given sample. Along with FTIR, there are many other molecular spectroscopy techniques that can be used for getting extra information about the molecules.

Why are FTIR Testing Services Required?

The FTIR spectroscopy is performed since more than a century and today, in materials testing process, it is the first step due to its speed, sensitivity and simplicity. You may need to opt for FTIR testing for:

  • Determining unknown materials in solid, liquid or gas form.
  • Determining and in some cases, counting the contamination of a surface present on a material.
  • Determining the polymer additives that need to be chemically removed (e.g. solvent extraction).

How do We Deliver Results with FTIR Analysis Testing?

Because of absorption of infrared light by the sample, the energy absorbance is calculated at different wavelengths for checking the molecular structure of the sample material. The patterns of absorption bands at different wavelengths via the infrared region, also called as the FTIR spectrum, are unique to each material. After production of spectrum, our scientists cross verify the results with the help of standard reference databases and libraries for identifying the material.

A typical infrared spectrum is shown in the below image. Every polymer has its own fingerprint region and gets easily identified. At Criterion Scientific, we deliver fast and accurate FTIR testing services with interpretation of all the results. This makes it easy for you to understand the instrumental output and your materials case at hands.


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