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When your success depends on unparalleled quality and service, you need to know your job is in the hands of highly-qualified practitioners with many years of hands-on experience, backed by the best facilities in the world. We have assembled just such a team.

Our Team Members
    Michael G Cobb, PhD
Founder and Managing Principal

Over 25 years of comprehensive experience, as an entrepreneur, business executive and management consultant, in the areas of executive leadership, strategic planning and execution, change management, operational design and execution, lean implementation, financial analysis and management, business economics, M&A/strategic alliance planning and implementation, and organizational development and training

Experience working closely with clients in the performance of financial due diligence, capital structure development, analysis and implementation of large capital projects, and the securing of growth and acquisition financing

Experience providing strategic, operational and financial leadership to small and medium-sized firms, as well as Fortune 500 companies and large government organizations, spanning a broad range of industry sectors, including manufacturing and distribution, automotive, communications technology, food and beverage, chemical and process industries, metals, energy, insurance and financial services, biotechnology, security, e-learning, broadcast media, internet-based services and government

    James Davis
Chief Opportunities Officer

Jay Davis serves as the Chief Opportunities Officer for Criterion Scientific and InnovaNet Group. A natural networker and creator of opportunities, he is responsible for day-to-day operations, business development and marketing activities, customer service and actively participates in ideation on all client projects.

Prior to his current role, Davis served in a similar capacity with InnovaNet Technology Group, the company he founded with Dr. Davis Lee. Much of his career has been focused on business development, operations and entrepreneurship.

Davis previously worked with commercial real estate investors and has held executive positions with national financial services and insurance companies. He has a BS in Business from Regents University in New York.

    Davis Lee, PhD
Polymer Scientist

Davis Lee, PhD, has a successful 30 year track record in technology development and innovation spanning an array of polymers and materials. He also serves as the President of the InnovaNet Group.

He began his career with DuPont, working with a variety of products, polymer chemistries and specialty chemicals over a 20 year period. During that time Dr. Lee developed novel anisotropic polymers for advanced composites and led teams to develop specialty chemicals for a variety of manufacturing and retail uses.

After DuPont, he led the research and development activities at Synthetic Industries, developingnovel geotextile and industrial fabrics. After that point, Dr. Lee served as President of InnovaNet Technology Group, leading a variety of new product and technical efforts in areas such as hard and elastomeric composites, films, fiber, nonwovens and mechanical innovations.

He is also an adjunct faculty member at Georgia Tech University, and a Board Member of the Synthetic Turf Council. Dr. Lee holds a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry from Emory University.

    Parijat P Bhase
Founder and Managing Principal

Parijat has worked in different corporations spanning Global Software Companies, Manufacturing Industries and Scientific Labs. After completing his Masterís in Materials Science & Engineering from The University of Florida, he worked as a Materials Engineer for a couple of years and wished to venture in the world of Entrepreneurship to pursue his dreams.

Presently, he serves in the field of Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Foreign Trade, International Collaborations, Strategic Business Alliance formations, Business Growth and Technical know how.

He also continues to work in the field of Materials Engineering and deals extensively in characterization of various Engineering Materials including Polymers, Composites and Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials.

He holds MS in Materials Engineering from University of Florida and BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Pune. At personal level, he is very friendly, open minded and down to earth

    Britt Herring
Senior Chemist & Business Development

Britt has over thirteen years of experience in the chemical industry. She worked as a chemist and has real life experience in areas such as ink, plastics, rubber, fuel cells and failure and quality analytical testing on several types of products.

Most of Brittís experience was in the carbon black industry. She was also on the fuel cell team where she did research and developed the largest membrane electrode assemblies produced and marketed in the world with a customer formulation using cutting edge research and development. As a leader on the Behavior Based Safety team, she performed ergonomic and site safety inspections.

The value that Britt brings to the team is in the area of being able to discuss and analyze the development and testing needs with the customer on a technical level while lining up her goals and focus with the customerís. Britt enjoys partnering with all teams and will instantly become an enthusiastic advocate for your project.

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